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7 of the Easiest Savage Heroes in Mobile Legends

Hello friends of GMLBB, this time GMLBB will discuss about hero savage. Savage is killing five enemy heroes in a short period of time. Who doesn’t want to get Savage? In addition to everyone wanting to win the game, savage is also being targeted as a victory complement.

In general, savage can be obtained by heroes with sick damage, such as Role Marksman, Mage, Assassins or Fighter.
In the Late game phase, these heroes will usually become deadly killing machines, so that they can kill 5 enemy heroes at once, or we call them Savage.

If you want to get Savage easily, here are the recommendations for the 7 Easiest Savage Heroes in Mobile Legends.

7. Karina

The opening hero that is easy to get Savage comes from a hero with the Assassin Mage role, she is Karina. It’s not unusual for Karina to be included in this list. Having sick skills makes it easy to get Savage.

Karina is able to fight heroes with thin blood, and can use Ultimate as much as you like. Don’t worry too much about Karina’s thin blood, because you can handle it with lifesteal items.

6. X-Borg

The next hero is from the Fighter role, namely X-Borg. X-Borg became one of the most feared Fighters, and even had time to become a list of heroes that had to be banned. There is no mistaking that X-Borg for now can be called a Top Fighter. Because of the ability of X-Borg to become one of the heroes who easily get Savage.

5. Wanwan

The next hero is a hero who just came out, he has a role marksman. Wanwan is basically a hero who is difficult to control, but if used by a pilot who is proficient in savage, she will always be heard in every match.

With the ability to kill at close range and distance, it is estimated that Wanwan will enter the list of the most OP heroes in season 15, competing with Ling.

4. Harith

This mage was indeed quite OP in season 14 yesterday, and is expected to continue to triumph in season 15 now. This mage has a fast cooldown plus high mobility. Making him one of the mages who are not only slippery but also painful, even worse every time he uses his second skill which has a fairly short cooldown he will get a shield that can withstand some of the damage that is directed at him.

Based on this reason, the global tops are scrambling to use this mage in ranked mode.

3. Fanny

The third most savage hero is Fanny. This old hero is indeed one of the best assassin heroes, but it is also difficult to use. Burs’s continuous damage ability, and very high mobility as well as the ability to survive or survive very well allow him to enter the list of the easiest heroes to savage.

High mobility can make Fanny Farming faster than other heroes. Among the many advantages, unfortunately Fanny is the most difficult hero to play in mobile legends.

2. Alucard

The hero runer up as the easiest hero to savage is Alucard. The hero who is said to be the boy’s mainstay hero turns out to be a hero who is quite easy to get savage. Without CC Alucard becomes a very OP hero, with close combat this hero can kill 5 enemies at once.

The advantages of Alucard are that the damage is quite large every time after using a skill, good Lifesteal and doesn’t die easily. Unfortunately, there are only a few Alucard users who can play GG, the rest if it’s not by chance, GG, they just play jumping and slashing, he who slashes he dies.

1. Ling

Since Ling’s presence in the Land of Down, many players have felt the madness of this hero. This hero who has an assassin role and skills that allow him to climb walls is the easiest hero to get savage.

The damage that Ling gives is very painful, not to mention the deadly combo of a very painful ulti skill that can make him flatten all enemies on the Land of Down land.

If you meet Ling in ranked mode but as an opponent, of course it will be very annoying. But don’t worry guys, just read the following article: 7 Hero Counter Ling Season 15

So the discussion of the 7 easiest heroes to savage, what do you think, please write your comments, of course in the comments column below.

May you be blessed with savage quickly and see you again in the next article.

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