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6 Best Hero Recommendation Counter Ling in Mobile Legends

Ling is one of the Assassin heroes who has excellent mobility skills. This is because Ling has a skill that can be used to jump into walls and move around more easily. Ling's enemies also find it difficult to attack when Ling is on top of the wall. In addition, Ling can also inflict very lethal damage by using his skills.

However, with all the advantages that Ling has, it doesn't mean that Ling can't be defeated by other heroes. There are several heroes in Mobile Legends who can defeat Ling easily. Curious? Come on, just check the following article.

Best Heroes for Counter Ling

1. Kaja

The next hero who can counter Ling is Kaja, by using his 3 skills, Kaja can easily attract heroes who have agile movements like Ling. You can catch Ling easily using this skill. You better pull Ling to where your team is so that Kaja can kill Ling easily because Kaja is not the type of hero who can kill Ling alone.

You can also use the skill abilities of 3 Kaja heroes to protect the core heroes from Ling's attacks. In addition, you can also repay Ling's HP or blood by using Kaja's passive skill, skill 1, and skill 3.

2. Chou

The first hero who can counter Ling is Chou, this hero has skill 3 which can be used to deal great damage while giving a knockback effect to Ling. The ability of skill 3 allows Chou to easily lock and kill agile heroes like Ling.

Hero Chou also has skills 1 and 2 that can be used to inhibit Ling's movement. You can also use these two skills to chase Ling or escape from Ling. You can use Chou's combo skill so he can finish off Ling quickly.

3. Khufra

One of the Tank heroes who can counter Ling is Khufra, this hero has an ability that can make it difficult for Ling to move. This ability comes from his 2, this skill called Bounce Ball can give Ling damage and also a fairly large slow effect.

In addition, the hero Khufra also has skill 1 which can be used to catch Ling from a considerable distance. Meanwhile, Khufra's 3rd skill serves to give a slow and stun effect if the enemy hit by this skill hits a wall. Use the Khufra skill combo so that Khufra can catch and lock Ling.

4. Eudora

The next hero who can counter Ling is Eudora, this Mage hero has a very deadly ability. Eudora can inflict massive damage instantly by using his 3rd skill.

In addition, Eudora also has skill 2 which can be used to stun Ling. Eudora can repay Ling's HP or blood by using skill 1 because the damage released from this skill is quite large and the cooldown duration of this skill is quite fast. You can quickly eliminate Ling as long as you use the right build item for Eudora.

5. Ruby

Besides Chou and Kaja, one of the Fighter heroes who can counter Ling is Ruby, this hero can be used as a counter Ling because it has a very deadly crowd control ability. Ruby has skills 1 and 2 that can be used to inhibit Ling's movement while at the same time dealing considerable damage to Ling.

Hero Ruby also has skill 3 that can be used to attract Ling who wants to run away. Ruby also has a very heavy life steal ability so she can recover her HP or blood quickly. By having this ability, Ruby becomes more difficult for Ling to kill. Lifesteal ability comes from his passive skill. The best way to kill Ling is to repay Ling's HP using the Ruby skill.

6. Nana

The last one is Nana, although not very popular right now, Nana is very effective at countering Ling, thanks to her 2nd skill that can turn the opponent's hero into a puppet and the 2nd skill can be spammed continuously.

Well, those are the heroes that you can use to defeat Ling. Of the six heroes, which hero will you use to counter Ling?

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