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5 Most Difficult Assassins in the History of Mobile Legends

Assassin is one of the hero roles in mobile legends. This role is famous for its difficulty in using it. Well, in this discussion we will discuss the 5 Most Difficult Assassins in the History of Mobile Legends. Of the 5 assassins that we discuss below, maybe you can play them, but can you really master them?

The difficulty level of this assassin hero is quite high, most players might say that they can play Hayabusa and it’s not as difficult as imagined. But actually to master and play Hayabusa properly, it’s not as easy as you think, there are many things that need to be understood when playing Hayabusa.
In general, Hayabusa can be called a Hero with a 1 versus 1 type of battle, you will have difficulty fighting this hero if you are alone unless you have a stun or silent effect and other crowd control effects that are quite long. Hayabusa is less effective when used for team fight situations, he is more often used to do split push or gang up on any hero who is alone on the map.
Hayabusa can only join the fight team at the back line, to target enemy dealer damage or wait for their counter skill to be used first. The most difficult Hayabusa skill to master is the second skill, if you manage to master this skill then you will become a Hayabusa pro player. This means that you have not become a GG Hayabusa player, if you have not mastered this skill. To master this skill you must be able to do it quickly, and how precise your timing is in using it, and that is what makes people able to distinguish pro and novice Hayabusa players.

4. Hellcurt

The fourth is Hellcurt, Hellcurt’s level of difficulty also turns out to be quite high. Hellcurt’s silent skill is also one that is difficult to master.
Because if you only do silence to the enemy and use the second skill, it doesn’t always work and is right on target. To rule Hellcurt we have to know the exact timing.
Sometimes even though this Hellcurt has a silent skill, people can still counter after the effect wears off. So we have to keep it passive, and this is the most difficult thing when playing Hellcurt. Player Hellcurt good is measured by, How the way he uses his silent skill and also his Ultimate skill. This Ultimate Hellcurt skill is very important because with this you can eliminate or block the enemy’s vision for a few seconds. So
good hellcurt player, knows when to use his Ultimate skill, and where he should use it.
Most novice players usually use their Ultimate skills more often to run or save themselves from enemy siege, but pro players will usually use their Ultimate skills more often to help the opposing team’s gang or pick up enemies who are alone. Well so to master Hellcurt always tries to keep his stack and silent. Besides that, good timing is the main key and it is very important to use Hellcurt.
This assassin also includes a fairly high level of difficulty, easy to use but difficult to master and relies heavily on Selena’s stun or catfish effect. It looks like using Selena is just a matter of hitting the opponent with a stun, then we can launch an attack, but it’s not like that. To master Selena requires the ability to observe a good map, know how to dominate the early game and use skill one to increase vision.
Because Selena can unlock all her skills at level 2, which means she has the advantage to master and dominate in the early game. The difference between Pro players and normal players when using Selena is that it depends on their ability to master the map, and also always hunt around the map. But now many players use Selena as support because of her ability to master the early game thanks to Selena’s skill set.
Now if the difficulty level of this gussion is the highest when compared to the previous 3 Assassins. This Guision is famous for having a lot of skill combos, so this makes it
the most difficult hero to master, because when you fail to launch the combo, there is a high chance that you will make a blunder and die alone. But when you have managed to master the combo well, once a combo you can guarantee 1 opponent hero will be eliminated.
This Gussion is the best Assassin burst damage at the moment, he can produce so much damage with just one combo even against Hero Tanks. So as said earlier that the main difficulty of this Hero is the skill combo, for beginners usually will fail to use Combo more often, which will mess up their team’s gank.
And of course timing is the most important thing when you use Gussion,
Perfect timing will help you knock out enemy backlines even if they are protected by tanks. You must have too fast and agile hands to master Gussion.

1. Fanny

And the hardest Hero among the most difficult who else if not Fanny. Fanny has always been the most difficult hero to master since its first release until now. Even though we know it is very difficult to counter this one hero, but usually this will end with Fanny’s own death if she uses the wrong combo.
Mastering the cable skill is the most difficult when using Fanny, you could even say it takes months of practice for novice players. Fanny players who are GG definitely know how to deal with their Hero counters, but if you don’t know how to use the cable skill then Fanny will be useless. Of course it takes a lot of practice to master Fanny.
Even though he’s been hit by Nerf a lot, Fanny is still a strong hero, hard to master and hard to counter and for sure the blue buff is the most important thing for funny because without this you won’t be able to play it.

So that’s the discussion of the 5 Most Difficult Assassins in the History of Mobile Legends. What do you think? Are there heroes that are more difficult to master than the ones we discussed just now? Please write a comment below.

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