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5 Hero Counter Lancelot Mobile Legends

These are the 5 most effective Lancelot MLBB hero counters that can make the user useless when in the land of dawn.

Lancelot can be said to be an assassin hero whose king is immune from his 2nd skill, but the damage he has is no less terrible, being able to kill the opponent's core hero with just one attack combo.


Lancelot usually takes rest as his spell, so Guinevere is the answer, you just have to wait for Lancelot's 2nd skill to be used and then attack with Guinevere's 2nd and 3rd skill.


Yep, this one hero is very commonly used to counter agile heroes like Lancelot, with 2 Khufra skills he can stop Lancelot's movement.


A hero with full crowd control plus immunity from all kinds of attack effects makes Chou the most suitable hero to counter Lancelot.


If Lancelot attacks Helcurt with his basic attack or skill 1 first, Lancelot surrenders to give himself to Helcurt who has very deadly silence and high damage skills.


Not much different from Helcurt, Natalia also has quite annoying silence, especially for Lance users who have thin blood plus can't avoid Natalia because of the silence effect that Nata gives.

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