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5 Hero Counter Edith Mobile Legends

New HeroThe recently released Mobile Legends, Edith, has recently become the favorite hero to use.

The reason is that this one hero has a unique ability that is a mixture between a tank and a marksman.

Many people say that Edith is a fairly complete hero because she can become a tank marksman.

Apart from that, Edith also has the potential to be an equally good roamer. Moreover, his CC ability is very troublesome.

5 heroes that can be used as the right counter for Edith, here are the reviews:

1. Martis

When dealing with Edith in the EXP lane, of course, a suitable enemy as a counter is Martis.

This is because Martis has the best CC immunity among other heroes.

Two Martis skills are able to withstand all CC skills possessed by Edith.

2. Karrie

As a Tank hero, of course, his main enemy is a hero marksman who has a high damage per second (DPS).

One of them is Carrie which is a very troublesome hero for heroes with high durability.

The combination of skill 1 and the ultimate is good enough to drain Edith's HP.

3. Lapu Lapu

This one fighter hero is very suitable to be Edith's counter because it can get a shield.

So that Edith will find it difficult to repay Lapu Lapu.

Moreover, Lapu Lapu's 1st skill can trouble Edith because it can do poke damage.

4. Beatrix

Once again marksman is a frightening specter for tank heroes.

Moreover, Beatrix has the potential to do great damage because she can use her ulti 4 times with 4 different weapons.

The trick is to keep a distance from Edith so that she can repay Edith's HP so that she loses lane control.

5. Esmeralda

There is no doubt about Esmeralda's ability to be a counter to Edith.

This is inseparable from her passive skills that allow Esmeralda to have a large shield.

Especially when combined with HP regen items, it will certainly be more difficult for Edith to penetrate.

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