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5 Games Censored for No Reason

Not infrequently, it turns out that there are many games that are censored for many reasons, some of which don’t make sense, you know.

Some content from the game is considered to violate the rules, but some of these rules are trivial things.

What games are censored for such absurd reasons? Okeguys has summarized it for you. Come on, see the full review below.

EA Sports MMAEA Sports MMA

The first game to be censored was MMA from EA Sports.

EA Sport has censored its content that displays products from energy drink sponsors.

The censorship took effect because it was banned in several European countries that ban energy drinks.


Next there is Pokermon which is banned in Middle Eastern countries.

The United Arab Emirates has banned the Pokemon game because there is a hexagram symbol which for them is a symbol of Zionism.

In addition, Pokemon is also banned because it displays a scene of violence against animals.

Mortal Kombat 11Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat games always feature a lot of sadistic scenes.

Because of this, this game is also banned in several countries, including Indonesia.

However, for their last sequel, the ban was not because of the violent scene, but rather the presence of a communist symbol in the game.

The sickle image had appeared on several character skins.

Some countries consider this an ideological threat that must be considered.

Mass EffectMass Effect games

Some games can get away with adult content, but not Mass Effect games.

This game is banned because it displays scenes of same-sex love.

EA, as the developer, finally censored the game.


Usually, horror games will be banned because they have an adult theme or are too scary.

However, the Devolution game was banned for political reasons.

Devolution was severely censored by the Chinese State because there was content on Winnie the Pooh which was considered mocking the President of China, namely Xi Jinping.

It’s not enough to stop there, the developer was even sued directly, you know.

Those are some games that were censored for some reason.

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