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5 Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile that Not Many Know

Player Unknow’s Battlegrounds or commonly called PUBG, is one of the survival genre war games that is in great demand by various groups lately. This game published by the Tencent Games company was released on February 9, 2022. PUBG Mobile has also won various awards such as: The Game Award 2022, New York Game Award 2022, NAVGTR Award, and there are several other awards.

Players can play several modes that have been provided such as solo, duo, and Squad with 100 players at once in each gameplay. This game is a type of game that requires a large enough storage capacity and RAM. So it is recommended to be able to play this game smoothly, you must use Android or iOS with a minimum RAM spec of 3GB.

Strategy is one of the keys to success in winning every gameplay. In addition to strategy, in this game players also need a weapon to survive. Each weapon has a different quality. Now for that, this time we will discuss about the 5 best weapons in the PUBG Mobile game. And here are the five weapons.

1. M416

The M416 or commonly called the M-Four by players is an Assault Rifle type weapon that belongs to the medium-range assault rifle category and has a fairly low recoil or vibration level. This weapon is quite easy to use and has a high fire rate.

Although its long-range ability is not the best, this weapon is still the best weapon in this game and is one of the most widely used choices by players. In addition, this weapon is also a type of weapon that is quite lethal when combined with the right attachment.

The attachments that are suitable for this weapon are 4x ACOG Scope, Compensator, Extended Magazine for Assault Rifle and also Vertical Foregrip. Therefore, it is recommended that players look for this M416 when looting in the First Game and try to avoid opponents who have used vests.

M416 Weapon Specifications

  • Damage: 41
  • Zerorange: 100-600
  • Magazinesize: 30
  • Shoot Mode: Single & Auto
  • Bullet Type: 5.56
  • Attachments: 5

2. UZI

UZI is one of the SMG weapons or Submachine Guns commonly used for close combat. This weapon is very easy to find in PUBG Mobile. Usually when you land, players will immediately find a UZI that is always side by side with crossbow, shotgun and overtake other supporting weapons such as pistols and others.

Although light and easy to find, this weapon is one of the weapons that has a fairly high Fire Rate and damage with 9mm ammunition in a relatively short period of time. With the right aim, enemies who are too trivial and unprepared will be easily subdued by this weapon.

It’s just that this weapon is good for use in the First Game but not for the Late Game because it can’t use a scope. Speed ​​Shot can also be said to be so powerful that the bullets in the magazine can run out very quickly.

UZI Weapon Specifications

  • Damage: 23
  • Zerorange: 100-200
  • Magazinesize: 25
  • Shoot Mode: Single & Auto
  • Bullet Type: 9mm
  • Attachments: 3

3. Karabiner 98 Kurz

Karabiner 98 Kurz or commonly abbreviated as KAR by players is one of the weapons belonging to the Sniper Rifle type used by Nazi soldiers during the 2nd world war. Now in the PUBG Mobile game, this weapon is known to be very deadly for players who are used to close combat.

Besides being easy to find in nearby buildings and buildings, KAR is also one of the players’ favorite weapons because its damage level is almost equivalent to M24. Moreover, since this weapon is bolt action or shooting continuously will also be a challenge for its users. One headshot can even kill anything but enemies targeted using a level 3 vest or helmet.

The best attachments from the Karabiner 98 Kurz or KAR are the Compensator and 6x Scope or above. This weapon is very suitable for use during the Late Game, especially if you use it when playing on the Miranmar or Erangel map with tall buildings in the end zone.

Product Specification 98 Kurz . Karabiner Weapon

  • Damage: 72
  • Zerorange: 100-600
  • Magazinesize: 5
  • Shoot Mode: Single
  • Bullet Type: 7.62
  • Attachments: 3


SCAR-L or commonly referred to as SCAR is one of the favorite weapons for pro players and is the best Spray weapon in the Assault Rifle class because its damage is equivalent to M416. The weapon that uses the 5.56 caliber is one of the weapons chosen because of its stable recoil compared to other weapons.

This weapon is also always used as a supporting weapon because it can be used in close and long range combat. It is very suitable of course when combined with attachments such as: Compensator, Extended Magazine, and also 4x Scope. Don’t forget to always use a foregrip to improve its accuracy, whether used in the First Game or Late Game.

SCAR-L . Weapon Specifications

  • Damage: 41
  • Zerorange: 100-600
  • Magazinesize: 30
  • Shoot Mode: Single and Auto
  • Bullet Type: 5.56
  • Attachments: 4


Groza is the best Assault Rifle weapon in the PUBG Mobile game because it has a fairly high combat capacity of 400 with damage that is almost equivalent to a Sniper Rifle. This weapon made by Russia, can be said to be one type of weapon that is quite deadly because it can kill an opponent in a lag time of under one second even if the opponent uses a helmet or armor with level 3.

This weapon is very difficult to obtain and is usually in a supply box or Air Drop. But it’s very easy to get if you play on the Sanhok map. Groza is also very good if used during the Late Game and OP when using attachments such as: Suppressor, Quickdraw Extended Magazine for Assault Rifle and 3x Scope and 4x Scope.

Now for players who really like to use GROZA, it is recommended to always practice reducing recoil because this weapon is one of the weapons that is very difficult to use compared to the AKM or AK-47

GROZA Weapon Specifications

  • Damage: 48
  • Zerorange: 100-400
  • Magazinesize: 30
  • Shoot Mode: Single & Auto
  • Bullet Type: 7.62
  • Attachments: 3

Those are some of the best weapons in the PUBG Mobile Game which have been summarized. Try to use a solid attcahment in the weapon. Avoid using cheats, if you want your skills to increase, you have to be diligent in practicing. Good luck!

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