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5 Best Items Counter Lancelot Mobile Legends

Lancelot is one of the Assassin Mobile Legends heroes who have excellent abilities in ambushing opposing heroes. Lancelot's attacks have high speed and can produce enormous burst damage to opponents.

Not only that, but this hero also has excellent mobility. So that Lancelot can chase the opponent's hero who is in the back lane, even Lancelot is able to kill the opponent's core hero who is still covered by the Tank hero.

Want to know what is the list of the best Lancelot counter items? Come on, just take a look at the following article reviews.

1. Antique Cuirass

The first item to counter Lancelot is Antique Cuirass. This item has good stats to withstand Lancelot's deadly burst damage. The Antique Cuirass item can provide an additional Physical Defense of 54 and HP of 920, as well as an additional HP regen of 4. The Antique Cuirass

item has a unique passive ( Deter ) which will activate when you are hit by a Lancelot skill, will reduce Physical Attack by 8% during 2 seconds, and can be stacked 3 times. Surely this item is very effective in holding backLancelot's lethal damage.

2. Blade Armor

The next item to counter Lancelot is Blade Armor. Blade Armor items can provide additional Physical Defense of 90 to withstand attack damage from Lancelot. This item also has a unique passive called Bladed Armor.

When you are attacked with Basic Attack, this passive effect will reflect 25% damage to Lancelot and can slow down the opponent by 15% for 1 second.

3. Queen’s Wings

The next item to counter Lancelot is Queen's Wings. This item can withstand Lancelot's very high burst damage. Queen's Wings item has a unique passive ( Demonize ) which can reduce Lancelot's damage by 20%.

The passive effect of this item can also increase Spell Vamp by 25% when HP is less than 40%. The Queen's Wings item can also provide an additional Physical Attack of 25 and HP of 900, as well as an additional 10% Cooldown Reduction.

4. Winter Truncheon

The next item to counter Lancelot is the Winter Truncheon. This item has an active skill called Freeze. This skill effect can cause a Freeze effect, so you can't do anything, but will get an Immune effect for Lancelot's very deadly burst damage.

Not only that, but Winter Truncheon can also provide additional Magic Power of 60 and HP of 400, and can provide additional Physical Defense of 25.

5. Wind of Nature

The last item to counter Lancelot is Wind of Nature. This item is able to withstand all Lancelot's very large basic attacks. The Wind Of Nature item has a unique passive ( Whin Chant ) that can become Immune to all enemy Physical Damage for 2 seconds.

Not only that, but Wind of Nature can also provide additional Physical Lifesteal by 10% and Physical Attack by 30 and can increase Attack Speed by 20%. So this item will help you to kill Lancelot.

Well, those are some of the best items to counter Lancelot in Mobile Legends. Hope it is useful! 

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