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15 Hero Ranked AOV Most Good Towards Conqueror This Season

Playing Ranked AOV always has its own impression, especially for you SoloQ players. Ranked AOV in our opinion is much more competitive now, thanks to the additional Tier Rank between Diamond and Conqueror, namely Master, making the impression of being competitive more maintained.

But unfortunately, I still see a lot of Ranked atmospheres confused about choosing a hero, For the Pick And Ban phase in Tier Diamond to Grand Conqueror, there are still many who are frantically choosing a hero if the main hero has been picked by the enemy or has been banned.

Therefore, we will provide 15 names of heroes that might help you easily get to the top tier, or at least help those of you who are still confused about what to choose when ranked in the top tier. In addition, we consider these 15 names to be heroes who are a mainstay in the top rankings, obviously because of their capable abilities for the current Meta and Counters of several Meta heroes.

So, let's talk about it below:

1. D’Arcy

We include this hero because D'Arcy is arguably the most flexible Burst Mage hero for the current Meta. He can be placed in Midlaner or Jungler. In addition, the Ultimate Control which can lock the enemy in the Blackhole is of course very useful for the Fight Team, besides Burst damage and having an Escape skill that can disappear (cannot be targeted) when using Skill 1 is D'Arcy's main strength.

2. Raz

Raz is a Mage Assassin who has been in AOV for a long time, since the early season of AOV was released in Indonesia, Raz has become the king of Midlaner with Instant Kill ability for every enemy affected by his Combo Skill. Especially for heroes with low HP, it's easy for Raz to get a kill with a combo that completely targets the opponent. Raz can be used for Midlaner and Jungler, even for some Situations, Raz can also be placed as Sideliner.

3. Eva / Turn

This is a new hero who is still Broken, with the ability to penetrate Walls thanks to his Ultimate, as well as a terrible Combo Burst, for now, Eva is still made a Jungler, but in our opinion, Eva also has the ability to be placed as a DS Laner thanks to her Skill.

4. Baldus

With the current Meta which is classified as supporting the ability of heroes who have the Skill to break through opponents (barbarian heroes) Baldum is a Tank solution for Aggressive games since the Early Game, especially when fighting heroes with Physical Damage such as Zephys, Murad and Ryoma, because the passive from Skill 2 Baldum which hurts more if your Physical Def is also large (So you can build full Physical Def). Baldum will easily pry the enemy and kidnap the enemy with his 1st Skill.

5. krizzix

This one chameleon does look funny, but yes, it's funny. Krizzix has a disappearing Specialist, even a Team can be eliminated as long as it is close to Krizzix, its ability to collect enemies at one point makes it very easy for you to Team Fight, suitable for Kidnapping Strategy.

6. Zip

An annoying hero even for the size of the Tank Zip can be considered soft. However, with his ability to save friends (suck) and his Ultimate (rollaway), Zip can become one of the Supports with good Initiator and Disengage (Escape from War) abilities.

7. Arthur

Arthur had become the subject of ridicule throughout the Antarctic World in the past, but with the Buff that was presented by Tencent and the presence of the Rune system, this Mr. AOV National Barbarian entered the ranks of the top heroes, especially in Ranked Match. His ability to Clear Wave fast and High Mobility is considered the advantage of this hero, and don't forget, Arthur can also kill soft HP targets with one Combo easily.

8. Maloch

Hard and Has True Damage? Maloch is the solution! Having a fast Clear Wave ability and being supported by hard body capital makes it seem as if Maloch never leaves his Meta every season. Maloch is perfect against heroes or teams without High Control (Arum, Aleister, Valhein). Almost everything can be countered by Maloch as long as he is not stunned.

9. Yena

This woman in the Sahara Desert is not only sexy in appearance but also sexy in skills. Having Silent and Anti Control abilities (When using Skill 2 Ultimate mode) makes Yena one of the best DS heroes at this time. Yena also has the ability to withstand Damage (up to 40%) in Ultimate mode and uses Skill 1. Yena is very effective against Assassin Melee's heroes such as Nakroth and Murad.

10. Astrid

Florentino's favorite woman has suddenly become one of the Favorite Picks since there is a Bug in her Skill 2 that allows you to aim at your opponent even though it is outside the range of attack distance (It can be very far away). Apart from the Rune system, many of Astrid's mechanical skills have been maximized by Tencent, so you could say that Astrid is now more suitable for use than just a display with her Baseball Skin.

11. Violet

You could say AOV stands for Arena Of Violet? yes right, it's not wrong! because every Season, in our opinion, Violet is still very suitable for use, like in Nerf, Adjust, once all enemies can still leak as long as Violet already has the Item Core.

12. Joker

Joker, finally my favorite hero (Admin Gamebrott AOV) is back in Meta. Archers with high flexibility are arguably the anti-Archer and Assassin Hero Archers (Physical Damage). Of course, thanks to Skill 2 which has the ability to Immune to Physical Damage, its Ultimate can Lock soft enemies easily. Makes the Joker able to give Death Combo to every soft opponent in front of him.

13. Elando'rr

New Hero, can Blink, Damage Magic, has High Control skill. You could say Elando'rr is Valhein 2.0, if you look at his abilities now he can be compared to Valhein before he was hit by a lot of Nerf in the past, only the difference is in Blink, even Hayate who is hard to catch is still not much compared to Elando'rr.

14. Murad

Cheap maybe this patch gets Nerf a bit, but still, it certainly doesn't have much effect, Murad's ability to deal Poke damage with a Burst flavor is still the Jungler's choice, especially when fighting enemies with Conventional Archers (Archers Don't Have Escape Skills) such as Yorn, Annas, and Wisp. Besides that, Murad is also effective to be placed as a Jungler semi Obs, with his Blink ability, so when certain circumstances Murad can also play a role in opening the Map, lightening the task of Support in guarding Archer of course.

15. Kriknak

This bunting cockroach is indeed the king of the Early Game, almost all heroes can be instantly killed with this hero once. Combo, just recommended for those of you whose souls, maybe for a duel with fellow Assassins, Kriknak will have a hard time if he meets Zephys or a hard-bodied Assassin, the rest is one Yassinan auto combo.


Let pass 15 be titled so we included Marja in the Bonus Brott category hehe.


The mage, whose name is similar to this special syrup, is still very strong, without any mana, has an annoying lifestyle (meaning Lifesteal hehe), and has Silence if the enemy is hit by the Ultimate explosion, basically, Anti Regen is required to fight Marja, he can also be assigned to DS Laners and Midlanders.

That's all the discussion of our AOV Ranked Heroes, hopefully it's useful!

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