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10+ Best Java Games of All Time & Download Links

The Best Java Game of All Time

Download the best java games – For those of you born in the 90s to the 2000s, you may have often heard of java games. Yes, this game can be found on old school cellphones that use the Java or Symbian operating system. Some examples of old brands that are popular with Java HP are Nokia, Sony, Mito to Asiafone.

Currently, of course, java game enthusiasts have decreased due to technological developments that present more interesting games and stunning graphics. But that doesn’t mean java games will be abandoned, for Android users, you can still play java games with emulators like J2ME Loader.

So for those of you who want to play java games and download java games again. This time I have compiled a list of the best java games that will make you nostalgic, starting from the war genre, rpg to racing. Let’s just look through the following article.

Best Java Game Collection

There are lots of java games that you can download for free, ranging from java games 320×240 to 480×800. Here’s a collection of the best java games of all time with 2D and 3D graphics along with the download links.

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline

Best Java Games Asphalt 6


Gameloft’s first best java game is Asphalt 6: Adrenaline. In this game you can enjoy high-speed races using great cars. In addition, the car graphics and scenery are high in the class of java games.

There are 42 world manufacturers of sports cars and motorcycles (Lamborghini, Ducati, KTM, Audi, BMW and others. 55 different routes around the world (Bahama, France, South Africa, Cuba, USA, Tokyo). You can even play with friends via bluetooth.

Gangstar Rio: City Of Saints

Best Java Games Gangstar Rio


The next best java game is Gangstar Rio City of Saint. This game will take you to sunny Brazil, to a romantic and dangerous city called Rio-de-Janeiro. A huge city filled with gangs of bandits and a lot of thrilling cops.

Here you play as a former gang member who was betrayed and left you dying. With a new face you must penetrate your former gang and find out who is involved in the ominous story.

Assassin’s Creed Series (Brotherhood, Revelations, II, III)

Best Java Game Assassin's Creed


The best java game on this one, of course, many know and still exist today for other platforms. In this Assassin’s Green game you take on the role of Ezio who is the legendary Master Assassin, his life is a tough battle against powerful Knights.

In this Brotherhood series, Ezio is set in the great Italian city of Rome, where greed and corruption thrive. To defeat the corrupt tyrants, you need not only strength and skills, but a team that can help you to defeat the bloodthirsty assassins.

Wonder Zoo

Best Java Games Wonder Zoo


For those of you who like simulation games and caring for animals, then this Wonder Zoo game is a must try. In this game you will have your own zoo with various animals. Make the zoo more entertaining and interesting to increase reputation.

Decorate and equip your zoo with different living environments and separate buildings. Take care of your animals in three mini-games: feed the animals, make pairs and find parents. Many tasks in this game to level up.

Moto GP 2012

Best Java Games Moto GP


Moto GP racing java game offers you to become a participant in a motorcycle race. Choose a circuit and measure your strength with drivers like Rossi and Biaggi. High speed, sliding, drift are present in this extreme competition.

New season, new bike, new competition. Ride the most powerful bikes and challenge the bravest bikers. Moto GP 2012 is an intensive and very fast game to be a champion.

Little Big City 2

Best Java Games Little Big City


The next best java game is Little Big City. In this game you will serve as governor to build a dream city with the help of a beautiful city construction simulator. Develop your own city. Build houses necessary for infrastructure and beautiful views.

Complete missions and earn enough money to provide the big city with everything it needs. Game features: improved gameplay, various constructions and dynamic population growth.

Zuma’s Revenge

Zuma's Best Java Games


Zuma is one of the favorite java games that presents a unique and interesting gameplay. In this game you will shoot balls with random colors, where you need to match several colors of balls to eliminate the balls that are rolling along the path.

Spider Man: Toxic City / The Amazing Spiderman

Spiderman Best Java Games


Spiderman: Toxic City tells the story of a Green Goblin who releases a serum to turn innocent civilians into mutant monsters. As Spider-Man, you’ll encounter massive foes including Electro, Shocker, Rhino, Vulture, Doc Oc and many more.

Other series:

Prince of Persia

Best Java Games Prince of Persia


Prince of Persia is one of the best adventure games for HP java. Prince of Persia offers a variety of thrilling action missions set in the Middle East. Your task is to kill all the enemies that get in your way.

Rally Master Pro

Best Java Games Rally


Rally Master Pro is one of the best racing game for java mobile. In this rally game, there are many tracks and weather available, from hot sun, heavy rain to snow.

There are 3 levels of complexity: beginner, professional and master. 27 kinds of tracks, car details with 3D damage models, car behavior depends on weather conditions, road cover and condition.

Other Best Java Games

The final word

So that’s a collection of the best java games of all time with 2D and 3D graphics that will make you nostalgic. Maybe that’s all the coolest java game articles and this download link. Don’t forget to continue to follow Teknolalat to get interesting article updates about games and techno.

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