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Tips Against Hero Esmeralda Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends has released lots of good new updates and players can find them while playing. Then with Tips Against Hero Esmeralda Mobile Legends (ML), you can fight this hero very easily. The right position with the right battle, against Esmeralda herself, will be easier for us to overcome.

Especially the presence of several Events that have appeared and you complete them, you will definitely get good prizes from here. Providing quite a variety of good prizes, so that players immediately collect cool prizes that we can have from here soon.

Especially to recognize the very strong and deadly Hero Esmeralda Mobile Legends, of course, this is very good in battle. So that we can take advantage of this Hero very easily so that the enemy doesn't move because of this.

Then understand Tips Against Hero Esmeralda Mobile Legends, in order to stop the deadly movement of the skills that he casts. Because indeed, with Esmeralda's unstoppable ability, it could have the worst influence on the team, so we have to fight it.

Tips Against Hero Esmeralda Mobile Legends (ML)

Use the Hero Counter

If you want to fight Hero Esmeralda, then we can use Hero Counter Esmeralda Mobile Legends so that it's easy. Because there are several heroes who are very strong with the ability to stop Esmeralda's movements.

Making it easier for us to fight it, so that way it will be easy for you to do that. Because indeed with several Hero Counters, it can provide very strong battles.

Tips for Fighting Hero Esmeralda Mobile Legends is to Give Crowd Control

Crowd Control is a weakness of Esmeralda because we really can use it too. Because actually fighting Hero Esmeralda will be really easier, because in that position it will be even easier in this case.

Especially by facing very strong enemies, so we can immediately take advantage of the CC. Especially with the emergence of 12 types of Crowd Control, you will immediately use this on the Hero you are going to use.

Take advantage of Item Counters

Some of Esmeralda's Counter Items are quite good, but there are some that are suitable or not at all. It's just that if there are several Hero Mages like Esmeralda herself, they are not suitable for using the Athena Shield, so be careful.

There are several optional items that you can find to counter Esmeralda, for example, Dominant Ice, Sea Halberd, and Necklace of Durance. Of course, it will be useful to reduce Esmeralda's Regen Shield later.

Tips Against Hero Esmeralda Mobile Legends is to keep your distance

Then the appearance of Esmeralda will be Weak if we keep our distance from her, this hero will use an attack and give Shield to the enemy. Then absorb the Shield that Esmeralda has given, so we have to keep our distance when facing it.

So that later we can immediately take advantage of this Hero because it can be a Keeping Distance so that players can face their enemies easily. Making us give things that are interesting enough for us to use from here.

Set Attack Position

Your attacking position must be correct, especially with the team so that later you don't become one of these targets. The problem is with a good position in attack, then no one gives Esmeralda Shield and becomes weak.

So it will be very easy for you guys so we can deal with it easily too. MM's position is the most important because it becomes a high-damage dealer to weaken Esmeralda to be powerless.

After knowing the Tips Against Hero Esmeralda Mobile Legends, you will immediately understand what that means now. So in this way, we will see that the ability of Hero Esmeralda, who is very strong in battle, can immediately be weak because of this.

But those of you who use it can first understand how to use Hero Esmeralda in Mobile Legends , it will definitely get stronger. A very good battle with a Hero like this, will definitely make him stronger with this process.

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