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Your 3 OP Mobile Legends Heroes don't need to be Afraid if they get Hit by Johnson

Did you know that the following three Mobile Legends op heroes are not at all afraid of being hit by Johnson, who are they?

Most Mobile Legends players must be very scared if Johnson is activating his ultimate and is going around the map looking for an easy opponent to run over.

But if you use these three Mobile Legends op heroes, then you don't need to be afraid if you are hit by Johnson, instead, Johnson is afraid of running into you.


Specifically for Esmeralda, if Johnson is desperate to crash into Esmeralda then it's the same as he is giving his life to Esmeralda.

Yep, Esmeralda is Johnson's deadliest counter, Esmeralda is hard to kill even when hit by Johnson. Instead, Esmeralda will go blind when hit by Johnson, and all of Johnson's shield will be absorbed and made into a deadly attack by Esmeralda.


100% Grock will not be afraid of Johnson even with his ultimate, because Grock himself is Johnson's natural counter.

He has skill 1 which can be immune from Johnson's collision and skill 2 Grock can close the roads Johnson will pass so he can't go around the map.


Lastly, there is Diggie, not only Diggie who dared to be hit by Johnson, but all of his colleagues who were near Diggie were not afraid of being hit by Johnson.

Because Diggie has an ultimate that can make him and all his friends immune from all kinds of cc from opponents, including the cc from Johnson's ultimate.

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