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This One Mage Hero is very OP like Karrie can Penetrate Armor Easily

You should know that this one mage hero is very op like Karrie and can penetrate armor easily, but there is one thing that makes him unpopular, what is it?

There is one mage hero who is able to penetrate the hero's armor and blood easily and can even make him like a thin cracker.

No matter how thick the hero and how strong the defense is, this one mage hero can easily destroy it.

You could say this mage hero is the same as Karrie, very op and terrible and able to make tankers useless, who is this mage hero?


The hero mage we are talking about is Gord, yep Gord is the only mage hero who is able to penetrate the opponent's armor and cell phone easily.

No matter how thick and strong the opponent's defense is, Gord can easily destroy it with just one attack.

You could say Gord is Karrie the hero mage, he is the main enemy of tanker heroes in Mobile Legends because of this ability.

His 3 skills are capable of easily penetrating all opponent's armor and cellphones, even in a matter of seconds.

But unfortunately behind Gord's terrible abilities, he has the status of one of the forgotten and missing heroes from the Mobile Legends meta-game.

Gord hasn't been seen in the game meta for a very long time, Gord has really lost his competitiveness and is considered an unfit player to use in the current meta.

Just because of his poor mobility and skills 1 and 2, made Gord forget. Even Moonton had revamped it, but still Gord was unable to penetrate the meta game.

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