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This One Fighter OP Hero will get Quite a Big Nerf from Moonton

You have to know that this one fighter op hero will get quite a big nerf from Moonton, who is this hero, and what is the nerf?

There is one offlaner hero who is popular in the Mobile Legends scene at the moment but will get a nerf in the near future from Moonton.

Then who is this hero and does the nerf make it disappear from the game meta again? 


The fighter hero who will get quite a big nerf from Moonton is Lapu-Lapu. You can see for yourself what Moonton will nerf for Lapu-Lapu from the photo above.

Yep, the base damage on skill 1 Lapu-Lapu will get nerfed from Moonton, where previously his base damage was at 175-300 to 140-265.

You could say it was a significant to nerf from Moonton to Lapu-Lapu and of course, maybe that's not the only nerf that will be given.

Other nerfs could still be hidden by Moonton from the public. But what is certain is that all of this is still on the advanced Mobile Legends server, everything is still being tested before being released to the original server.

According to Esports itself, Lapu-lapu's big nerf above will not affect his popularity in the current Mobile Legends scene, because Lapu-lapu's main ability is his 3rd skill.

Skill 3 can be used 2x and has an immune skill, which is amazing for an offlaner hero like Lapu-Lapu, so he can easily enter the back of the opponent during the war without fear of dying in the opponent's CC.

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