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Latest! KarlTzy is Arguably the Best MLBB Player with Two M-Series Trophies

The 2022 M4 MLBB World Championship certainly presents a lot of stories. After completing the Grand Final on January 15, 2023, we will now provide some interesting facts regarding this world tournament.

Many things have happened, of course, one of them is KarlTzy who can be said to be the best MLBB player with two M-Series trophies. Come on, just look at the full M4 facts.

KarlTzy Is The Only Player With Two M-Series Champion Trophies

Unlike the Blacklist International players who have the same roster as M3, KarlTzy and Echo contain new names beside himself who have won with BREN Esports.

As a result of Echo's victory, KarlTzy is the only player (until now) who has two M-Series trophies (M2 and M4).

Sanford Matches KarlTzy's Record at M2

This young explainer from the Echo team achieved an interesting record with KarlTzy by becoming a world champion at the young age of 16 years.

Even though he is still very young, this player has shown himself to be able to compete with the seniors who are his rivals in explain!

Echo is the First Team to Win the M-Series Without the MPL Cup

Echo as a team has an interesting record, namely becoming the first team after EVOS, BREN, and Blacklist (formerly MPL champions) with a team that won the world without winning MPL first.

Echo entered M4 with MPL PH Season 10 runner-up status, in his first year in the M-Series they managed to win immediately. Isn't it really class?

Again, the Team that beat RRQ in the Lower Bracket won the M-Series

There have been three teams including Echo who won the M-Series after returning home RRQ Hoshi from the lower bracket.

Both BREN, Blacklist International, and Echo returned home the team nicknamed the King of Kings. After that, they advanced to the final via the lower bracket and knocked out the teams that passed from the upper bracket (Burmese Ghouls, ONIC PH, and Blacklist International).

The Home Team Has Never Been a Champion at Home

Indeed, not all countries have become hosts, this is also the first time Indonesia has hosted M4, previously M1 was in Malaysia, and M2 and M3 were in Singapore.

Until the M4 which was held in Indonesia in January, the hosts had not yet won a championship.

When the M1 Indonesian team won in Malaysia, the M2 and M3 Filipino teams won in Singapore, and finally, in M4 the Filipino team won again in Indonesia.

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