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This is an Explanation of AFK in Mobile Legends that Many Beginners Don't Know

Which millennial generation doesn't know the meaning of AFK? As we know... There are lots of unique terms that are spread on the Internet. Some may be easy to understand, but some others will confuse themselves.

AFK is one of them. From the word alone consists of only three letters. It's no wonder that many people don't understand what it means.

In order to keep updating, let's find out what AFK is

What is AFK?

AFK stands for  Away From Keyboard . If translated it means " Go from the keyboard ". The point is to stop temporarily from an activity on the internet.

AFK Example In Chat

I chat with friends on Facebook for example. After one – two hours, then I told my friends that I wanted to stop chatting for a while to go out to buy food.

When I buy food, I am automatically not active on Gadgets. This is what AFK means.

Or for example in Games. As you know, in games there is usually a chat feature. For example, I'm playing with friends, then I make coffee so I don't get sleepy.

When I make coffee, I automatically stop playing the game. This is what AFK means

If the chat example in the chat might be like this:

Do you still want to continue playing the game?

Come on.. But wait a minute, I AFK used to make coffee so I wouldn't be sleepy

OK, hurry up

“AFK First” means “Want to stop first”

You see?

AFK By PUBG Mobile

AFK in PUBG Mobile is very easy to understand. Namely people who when playing matches or classics are easy, then don't move at all.

The characteristic is that at the top left (the one with the player's name) the color is rather dark, a sign that the player is disconnected and is not active.

If AFK is chatted back to the previous explanation.

Meaning of AFK in Mobile Legends

Just like PUBG Mobile. People (Players) who are silent during matches in Mobile Legends are called AFK. Even Mobile Legends itself has a system that calls the silent person an AFK player.

The difference between AFK and BRB

Maybe some of you have heard the term BRB? Then, what is BRB? (The problem is that at first glance it looks like AFK).

BRB stands for Be right back which, when translated, means 'will be back soon' .

However, this 'return soon' means using a short time:

Wait a minute, I'll be right back (In no time)

Wait, I'll be back later (In a short time)

Just a moment, come back later (In a short time)

Then what's the difference with AFK? Well, there are some differences of opinion on this. In my opinion, it's actually the same.

We want to temporarily stop an activity, only the sentences used are different. At least a slight difference between times.

Where BRB is usually used when you want to stop an activity in a short time. While AFK we do not know how long.

(The Non-AFK)

Apart from the BRB just now, there are also several other opinions that say that there are other things that are mentioned that are not AFK.

What do you mean?

For example, someone is chatting or playing a game. Then he suddenly stopped whether he said it or not then didn't come back again (Until tomorrow or a few days later).

Well this is not including AFK. Because AFK can be said to be temporary in the context of less than a day to days (I hope you understand what I mean).


To clarify a little, this is what AFK means... The essence of this entire article:

AFK is a term used when temporarily stopping activity on the internet

People who are temporarily inactive are AFK

“I want AFK” means “I want to pause”

Characters who are not active in the game can be said to be AFK

People who are inactive for several days are no longer called AFK


That's about the brief discussion, What is AFK, Definition of AFK and Examples of AFK.. This article is sourced from the urban dictionary site.

From these sources, I summarize it again with several other sources that can be trusted.

Well, this article is also based on my personal opinion . So if you have another opinion, you can express it in the comment box below.

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