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Overwatch 2 META Hero For Easy Rank Up

With OW2's ever-increasing fame, there are a lot of new players, right? This is because OW is a free game where previously it was paid. So, you must know the Overwatch 2 META hero to easily rank up in your game.

The rankings in Overwatch are quite interesting because they are different from other games. If other games have rank one or two depending on the playing party or not, in OW it's different. This is because Overwatch divides rank into three roles.

There are 3 roles in Overwatch, namely DPS, tank, and support. So if you play DPS then your rank in tanks and support can be different. Therefore it is rather difficult for some people to increase all their ranks.

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The heroes below will certainly help you increase your rank later. For which role is the easiest, it's actually a bit difficult to explain because each player will be different.

DPS – Ashe

Ashe is probably one of the best DPS scan hits out there and is relatively consistent. With high damage at long distances, Ashe can be very deadly in the right team. Moreover, the change to 5v5 mode makes Bob's ult even stronger.

DPS – Sombra

For DPS flanker assassin types, Sombra can be a strong hero. With the buff he received in OW2 which was very high, there weren't many support heroes and DPS backlines who could survive the Sombra gang.

DPS – Genji

So for Genji, maybe it will depend on each other's skills. But if you are good at and understand using Genji then he is one of the best characters in Overwatch 2. His damage and mobility are no joke.

Tank – Zarya

Zarya is a very strong tank with high damage too. But at a high rank, maybe Zarya won't pop-off so much because many know how to counter his damage and bubbles.

Tank – D.VA

The best tank peeler today with very strong mobility. Not only that, the high D.VA damage in AA and its ult can turn team fights into an advantage for the team. But the most OP from D.VA is the combination of his boost and M2.

Tank – Sigma

Sigma can be a very strong tank if the players understand how to use it. Sigma will concentrate on managing his skill CD so he doesn't die when fighting. High damage and very sustain are positive things about this hero.

Support – Lucio

META is now more focused on playing tough and all-in considering 5v5 means no spam shields and armor anymore. Lucio is getting very strong now when playing with other incoming heroes, for example, D.VA, Reinhardt, and others.

Support – Moira

Support that might have a higher DPS than other heroes, Moira is currently very strong too. Back to the 5v5 system, he becomes more slippery and difficult to catch, making Moira able to become a sub-DPS.

Support – Kiriko

Kiriko is also currently very strong because he has invulnerables and ults that are suitable for any team. In terms of heal, actually his heal/s is not as high as Mercy, Baptiste, alias Lucio. But Kiriko has many important tools.

So, those are some META Overwatch 2 heroes that you should try. The heroes above are subscribed to by many people because they really have high power in the team. So you can try using them later.

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