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MLBB Group M4 World Championship Drawing Results

The results of the M4 World Championship draw group have just been revealed, this also marks the start of the most prestigious annual MLBB tournament series. 16 of the world's best teams will gather in Jakarta to determine who deserves the title.

The plan is for the Group Stage phase of the M4 World Championship to take place at the XO Hall (MPL Arena). For Knocked Out Stage - Grand Final held at Istora Senayan, Central Jakarta.

Right on Thursday, 8 December 2022 at 15.00 WIB, the organizers have just drawn the drawings through the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Official YouTube channel. Former EVOS Legends frontmen, namely Eko “Oura” Julianto and Yurino “Donkey” also enlivened this event.

The election format is divided into 4 groups namely group A, B, C and group D. Later, these 4 groups will determine the position of all teams in the Knockouts round. Information, in this group stage there were no participants who fell. 8 teams with 1st and 2nd positions from each group will fill the slots in the upper bracket.

Indonesia has two representative teams fighting for the title, namely ONIC Esports and RRQ Hoshi.

Oura, who participated in enlivening the drawing group this time, revealed that Group C was the toughest group, where RRQ Hoshi was in the group.

Following are the results of the M4 Championship group draw by Montoon:

Group A

Blacklist International (Champion MPL Filipina Season 10)

Fire Supreme (Champion Turki Qualifier)

Falcon Esports (Champion Myanmar Qualifier)

Burn X Flash (Champion MPL Cambodia Autumn 2022)

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Group B

Onic Esports (Champion MPL Indonesia Season 10)

Todak (MPL Malaysia Season 10 Runner Up)

Malvinas Gaming (Runner Up MLBB Latam Super League Season 1)

MDH Esports (Champion Mekong Qualifier)

Group C

RSG Singapore (MPL Singapore Season 10 Champion)

RRQ Hoshi (MPL Indonesia Season 10 Runner-Up)

Echo (Runner Up MPL Filipina Season 10)

Occupy Thrones Esports (Champion MPL MENA Fall 2022)

Group D

Team HAQ (Champion MPL Malaysia Season 10)

RRQ Akira (Champion MPL Brazil Season 3)

Team Valley (Champion NACT Fall Season)

S11 Gaming (Champion MLBB Latam Super League Season 1)

The group stage begins on January 1, 2023. As well as the Grand Final round of the M4 World Championship on January 15.

For information, apart from competing for the M4 World Championship title, each team is also fighting over a total prize of IDR 12.2 billion. The match will be held at Istora Senayan Jakarta and can be watched live by purchasing a ticket.

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