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List of Strengths and Weaknesses of Hero Melissa Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends has released many heroes with good skills and are very strong for you to use. Included with the 8 Strengths and Weaknesses of Hero Melissa Mobile Legends (ML), this includes such great strength. You can even pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of Hero Melissa, so you won't get confused with her.

The ability of this strong Hero with the name Melissa, you really have to pay close attention so you don't get confused with the usage that we are going to use. Because this new Hero has potential with great skills, so we will definitely become even stronger.

Especially with the presence of the Strongest Melissa Mobile Legends Build Hero, it can make this Hero stronger than before. Including heroes who have the power of Overpower, so that we can more easily face enemies without having to be afraid to back down against them later.

Then with the emergence of the 8 Strengths and Weaknesses of Melissa Mobile Legends Hero, according to my Esports, you should know about this. So that later you will be more able to use some of the advantages and avoid the weaknesses of these heroes so that they can play better.

Has High Attack Speed

The first part of this hero has a very high Attack Speed, moreover that makes it even more dangerous. Especially if you already use her Skill 1, Melissa can give a bigger total Damage and a fairly high additional Attack Speed.

So that every attack that we give to the enemy, it will definitely hit more swiftly and you don't need to be confused by that. The faster and swifter Melissa's attacks, the more total damage we give to the enemy.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Hero Melissa Mobile Legends is Having Her Own Blink Skill

So you also have to be able to take advantage of Skill 1 of this Hero, because you can use Dash to escape. Even so, my Esports still gives advice to you, to keep using Spell Flicker as a supply for escaping later.

Especially with the addition that we will receive using Skill 1, it really helps Melissa not to be easily caught by enemies. So that this will make it even stronger, moreover it will provide great potential when you use it in this match.

Have Strong Protection

Hero Melissa has strong protection and really helps you fight, moreover it will protect you from enemies. So Melissa can issue a Shield that keeps the Enemy from approaching her, but this only lasts for 4 seconds.

So that we will also know that Strong Protection will make players able to strengthen in a short time. Until the hero has a close attack range, then Melissa won't be too difficult for you to use later.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Hero Melissa Mobile Legends is that it can cast a curse on the enemy

Skill 2 Hero Melissa will issue a Doll, dealing temporary damage and binding aura to one enemy. Then if it has been hit by this Curse, the enemy will receive greater damage because Melissa attacks the doll.

Damage that the enemy will receive if Critical from the Doll, then he will also receive the same thing. That's Melissa's real strength, especially if you do this when the build is ready, it's definitely easier to face enemies in matches.

The Old Blink Skill Cooldown

Even though you can get a cooldown reduction, Melissa's Skill 1 actually takes quite a long time to use. Of course with the relatively old Blink Skill, of course this will have an effect when you are facing an enemy in a match.

Even the Cooldown of the Blink Skill might be readable by the enemy, because it doesn't blink as fast as Flicker. It should be something that we should pay attention to, so you don't experience something that gets disturbed from here. When Skill 2 is active, try to attack the enemy so that later Cooldown Skill 1 will decrease.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Hero Melissa Mobile Legends is Having Difficulties in the Early Game

This passive hero can indeed deal great Damage to Summoned Creatures and Minion, but actually Melissa has a weakness in the Early Game. That's because Mana this hero is too generous at the start of the game, then Movement Speed ​​also really depends on Skill 1.

If you continue to use Skills 1 and 2 continuously without regeneration, you will feel that it has just disappeared. Even when activating Ultimate, it's clear that your Mana will be drained away because of things like this.

Does Not Protect From Long Range Attacks

Hero Mobile Legends have their own character and level of difficulty.  There are those who are experts at blocking enemy movements or kidnapping and killing enemies in a short amount of time.  This time there is a Counter Hero Natalia ML for her Passive Skill!

Heroes who can give this Attack such as Marksman, Mage and Support can break through Melissa's defense. So because Melissa's Shield can provide Stun for those who want to approach her, this effect will not protect her from long-distance hero Damage like my 3 Roles and Esports mentioned.

Of course things like this will indeed be influential and quite vulnerable if you do a Duel. Especially if the Duel is against Aurora and Eudora, let alone the Marksman who has become Melissa will definitely disappear even though the Shield itself is already Active.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Melissa Mobile Legends Hero, Still Losing If Groped

Even though Melissa has activated her Shield, don't think that the enemy will stand still and finish you off alone. So if, for example, Melissa activates the Shield, maybe the enemies who are difficult at first will be easy to fight, because of Melissa's Rush alias Kroyok using the Shield.

Even if the enemy doesn't have a Marksman alias Mage at all, if they wait until the Ultimate finishes, they will immediately lose. Even though his attack is strong with a Shield that can defend him, but unfortunately if the enemy plays Groyok, he will definitely lose instantly too.

After knowing the 8 Strengths and Weaknesses of Melissa Mobile Legends (ML), those of you who like this Hero must pay close attention to the steps to play. Because of these advantages and disadvantages, I will explain to you so that you know which positions you should avoid and learn when using them.

Then also avoid fighting Hero Counter Melissa Mobile Legends, because things like this are quite vulnerable and dangerous. These heroes have attacks that can give Melissa a big enough weakness, so you have to be able to avoid this so that it doesn't become a burden.

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