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A Gamer Can Create a Universe in Minecraft

Minecraft allows gamers to be creative and create anything they want, it's great that some are able to create a fairly realistic universe.

The gamer, named Christopher Slayton, made black holes, stars, galaxies and a number of other details. His creations result in a realistic yet epic combination of universes.

"What am I doing with my life? I've been sitting in this little room, sweating for eight hours just trying to make a curve in a black hole," he was quoted as saying by Space, Tuesday (18/10/2022).

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Slayton even replicated the dark and light sides of Earth in the game. He manually entered the light blocks and dark blocks one by one.

He did this one stage for days, he even admitted that it took a full day just to tilt Saturn's rings.

In total, Slayton spent six weeks creating the full piece.

"Everyone would probably be terrified by the power and immensity of the universe, which I never had that much of. But after I worked on the world of Minecraft, I realized more and more how beautiful it is," said Slayton.

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A trip to a galactic-scale building pushes Slayton to his limits. He had to create flames extending from the Sun, create structures on a galactic scale, and many other technical challenges.

Slayton hopes that sharing stories through Minecraft will engage the larger community and try projects like the multiverse, metaverse, and multi-dimensional.

"I wanted to tell a really entertaining story, unlike what anyone else in the Minecraft community or just the gaming community is doing. I wanted to raise the bar a little bit," he concluded.

It is known, Minecraft was first released in 2009 and taken to a wider scale in 2011, now has more than 141 million active users worldwide.

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