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12 Strongest Mobile Legends Items, Buy at the Beginning of the Game

The actual process of itemizing Mobile Legends is not complicated, although some players may find it difficult and confusing. Here, we will examine together the strongest Mobile Legends installment items before you finish them.

In Mobile Legends itself, the items that you can buy have their own tier. Starting from tier 1 which is normal to tier 3 where the effect is very strong. Now, in tiers 1 and 2, actually, the items are also quite strong.

The items on this list can be said to be very strong and have a very high impact. So for those of you who might use a difficult farming hero, aka being left behind, you can buy these items.

So, for those of you who are curious about the items that are really worth buying, especially in installments, you can see below. Even though the items here are relatively cheap, the effect is no joke.

With a very large number of items, of course, there are also many combinations of build items that you can buy. But in item builds, the most crucial thing is each hero's core items and these are hard to replace.

So here are some transitional items as well as items that you can buy. The effect is fairly high and the impact is also good. But the most crucial thing is that the items here are relatively cheap!

Ogre Tomahawk


+230 HP

+30 Physical ATK

Unique Passive

Angry: Basic Attack will increase Movement Speed by 10%

Ogre Tomahawk is an item that has quite a big impact with very good stats too. For items that are cheap and can be paid in installments to Endless Battle, this item provides useful HP and attack stats for many heroes.

Rogue Meteor


+15% Attack Speed

+10% Crit Chance

This item is quite a must-buy for many marksman and assassin heroes because it will be upgraded to Windtalker aka Scarlett Phantom. But as an installment item, you can get Rogue in the early game because of the very strong influence of ASPD and Crit.

Fury Hammer


+35 Physical ATK


+12 Physical PEN

This item is often purchased by assassins aka burst physical heroes because of its good effects. Cheap, can be upgraded to Heptaseas and Hunter Strike, and also provides useful attack stats and penetration.

Magic Blade


+24 Magic Defense

+40 Physical ATK

Unique Passive

Lifeline: When HP is about to drop below 30%, gains a 280~700 shield (scales with level) and 12 extra Magic Defense for 3s. Cooldown: 40s.

Magic Blade can be considered one of the installment items with the greatest effect. Besides being able to be upgraded to RGM, this item provides a large-scaling shield magic. Her magic defense and attack stats are also very useful.

Magic Wand


+45 Magic Power

One of the most purchased items by mages, this item is very crucial. This item is cheap, gives a very high flat magic stat, and can be upgraded to many other items. This item can be upgraded to Blood Wings, Calamity Reaper, Clock of Destiny, Concentrated Energy, Divine Glaive, Fleeting Time, Genius Wand, Holy Crystal, Ice Queen Wand, Lightning Truncheon, and Winter Truncheon.

Tome of Evil

+35 Magic Power

+20  mana rain

+8% CD Reduction

A tome is probably one of the most underrated items for mage heroes. How not, this item can only be upgraded to Enchanted Talisman, but the effect is very strong. Providing magic stats, mana regen, and CDR is definitely very useful.

Azure Blade


+25  mana rain

+5% CD Reduction

Unique Passive

Judgment: After using an ability, the next basic attack will deal [[|50 Bonus True Damage]] (1.5-second cooldown).

Azure Blade doesn't really have high stats, only mana regen and CDR. But this passive effect is very strong because it gives extra pure damage to AA every time it uses a skill. Not to mention being able to upgrade to Calamity Reaper, Endless Battle, and Thunder Belt.

Exotic Veil


+30 Magic Power

+5% Movement SPD

Exotic Veil is very useful for some mage skirmishes and also for mage roamers. This is because the magic stat is also the MVSPD, but not only that. This item can be upgraded to Feather of Heaven, Genius Wand, and Glowing Wand.

Elegant Gem


+300 HP

+380 Mana

Unique Passive

Gift: Regens 20% HP and Mana within 2s of leveling up

One of the best early-game items for mage heroes, especially for tanky mage heroes. This is because every time you level up with this item you get HP and mana heal. Not only that, the stats are high, this item can be upgraded to the Clock of Destiny.

Molten Essence

Stats Passive

+540 HP

Unique Passive

Burning Soul: Deals Magic Damage equal to 1% of the hero’s Max HP per second to nearby enemies. This damage is increased by 100% against minions.

Molten Essence is almost a must to buy some fighter heroes, aka tanks. Apart from the high HP stat, this item is useful in the early game for wave clear. Later in the mid-alias late game it will be upgraded to Cursed Helmet.

Black Ice Shield


+22 Physical Defense

+400 Mana

+10% CD Reduction

Interesting fact, Black Ice Shield is a tier 2 item that provides the highest stats compared to other items. The combination of Def, mana, and CDR is very useful for many heroes. Moreover, this item can be upgraded to Dominance Ice which is very important.

Dreadnaught Armor

+40 Physical Defense

Unique Passive

Deter: When attacked by an enemy hero’s skill, reduces their Physical ATK by 5% for 2s (up to 3 stacks).

Even though this item is usually purchased by tankers or fighters, other roles can also be purchased and do not need to be upgraded. This cheap item provides great defense and a unique passive which is very useful when man fighting. Upgradeable to Antique Cuirass.

So, those are some of the items in the Mobile Legends installment that you must try. Some of the items that are here let alone purchased without being upgraded until the late game, it also depends on the situation. So you have to be good at itemization.

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