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You Must Pick This Hero Marksman For Counter Lesley

You are in a situation where the enemy chooses Leslie, so calmly choose this mm hero to counter Lesley. Lesley is currently in the Mobile Legends meta he is a really scary marksman in the game.

The mods Moonton has done for his Lesley seem to have been a huge success, as evidenced by the top-to-bottom popularity of this mm one hero.

In that regard, for those of you who are having a hard time-fighting Lesley, all you have to do is pick this mm hero to go up against him.


Yes, she is Beatrix. Beatrix can easily go up against Leslie, even if she's the most effective archer hero of all the archer heroes to go against Leslie.

This is all thanks to Beatrix's basic attack, which can be aimed at random. So even if Leslie disappears and cannot be targeted, Beatrix can still hit her by simply directing her basic attack at Leslie.

Only Beatrix's machine gun cannot do this, the rest can. Additionally, all of Beatrix's ultimates in each weapon can easily hit or kill Leslie.

Even when she was in Lost Mode, Beatrix was still able to aim at Leslie because each weapon's ultimate is Area.

Only Sniper can only lock her one hero, but random aliases can be aimed anywhere and predict enemy movements.

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