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Tricks to Get the Club America Monumental Stranger FF Bundle in this Event!

Every certain period of time, Free Fire continues to release exciting events for its fans by presenting attractive skins, be it Free Fire's own designs or collaborations.

Not infrequently, Free Fire also presents collaborations independently in several regions, such as the Thailand region which recently presented a collaboration with the new character Luna.

Apart from that, we also have a skin from a collaboration from the American region, which is a special edition bundle for Free Fire's collaboration with Club America.

The Club America Bundle is Monumental Strager FF which has been released in a new event, here's the information!

Bundle Club America Monumental Strager Free Fire

You can get this cool Monumental Strager sports costume in the latest discount event titled Change Your Fate. You can get super big discounts up to a maximum of up to 90% continuously.

The Change Your Fate event is an event that allows the players to change the discounted price given. By removing just 10 diamonds, you can roll the discount box to change the discount rate to be bigger.

Players can get discounts of up to 90% and if you already get a big discount, you can use this discount number continuously!

In it, you have the opportunity to get attractive skins and prizes that can be obtained by spinning at a price depending on the amount of discount you get.

The Monumental Strager bundle is available as one of the many gift options. You can get it at a low price if you get a big discount, or above 80 percent.

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