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Tips for not getting a split push in Mobile Legends

When a war or team fight occurs, generally all players will definitely focus on the war or team fight. So at that point, the split push strategy is a very powerful and effective strategy to win the game.

I'm sure there are a lot of players out there trying to split-push when their teammates are in war or team fighting.

So in this article, We will discuss some tips. This will prevent split pushes on mobile his legends when doing wars and team fights. Want a hint? See you soon when this article is finished.

Tips for not getting a split push in Mobile Legends

1. Clear the lane first

The most important tip to avoid split pushing is to clear the lane first before doing wars or team fights.

This is a must, especially in lanes that are far from where you and your team do wars and team fights. Make sure there are no uncleared lanes when you and your team want to go to war.

This is because if you don't clear all the lanes when you want to have a match or team fight, it will be a huge opportunity for your opponent to split the push.

2. Make all enemy heroes visible during war

Opponent Splits The next tip to avoid getting hit by his push is to make sure all your opponent's heroes are in places that will later be the location of wars and team fights. Roamer hero is available and a hero who can open bushes and grass to see enemy team his members are in his area for war or team fight

3. Keep an eye on the minimap

If you can't see all of your opponent's heroes during a war or team fight, be sure to keep an eye on the minimap regularly.

The goal, of course, is to see if there's an opponent trying to split push because right now there are a lot of fastest split his-push heroes that can destroy a turret in a few hits.

These are the key tips for not getting a split push on mobile legends. Apply in-game!

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