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This One Hero is 100% Effective Against Beatrix Mobile Legends

You should know that this one hero is 100% effective against Beatrix Mobile Legends. Beatrix is ​​still a very scary and popular mm hero in Mobile Legends, despite being nerfed a while ago.

Each weapon still does a lot of damage and is very difficult to dodge. In this regard, recommends the most effective hero counter Beatrix 100%.

Even this hero is powerful enough to easily reverse Beatrix's attacks and defeat her on the spot. Who is she?


Yes, she is Karina. Karina herself is an assassin hero and although she is often played as a jungler these days she has a full tank of items.

This makes her very defensive, allowing her heroes such as Beatrix, Brody, and Claude to easily deal with marksmen.

But don't get me wrong, Karina is played as her defense with full of her items, but her attacks are so powerful that she can even kill her in a matter of seconds.

Apart from that, Karina's first skill also allows her to dodge all physical attacks coming toward her.

So Karina is the perfect hero to beat Beatrix easily. No more annoying Beatrix or fighting over this hero.

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