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This Mobile Legends OP Hero is Very Effective for Countering Kadita

You should know that this Mobile Legends op hero is very effective at countering Kadita, pick him and make Kadita auto-brown in the game.

Kadita is one of the favorite roamers for Mobile Legends players, especially for those who play tanks but still want to get a lot of kills.

Yep, this one hero is very effective at killing the opponent's core in just one combo skill so players like to use him either as a roamer or team midlaner.

Regarding that matter, we have one recommendation for the most effective Kadita counter hero 100%, who is he?


Yep, she is Selena, in our opinion, Selena is Kadita's most effective hero counter, 80%. Why can we say that?

Because of skill 2, Selena can predict Kadita's direction of movement easily, especially when she uses skill 1, Selena can predict Kadita's stop or the location where skill 1 will stop.

Even if you are lucky that Selena's skill 2 can stop Kadita's ultimate, the trick is that you have to be right about Kadita when she is delaying her ultimate.

So there's no need to be afraid and confused about facing Kadita anymore because Selena is the most effective counter at 80%.

All you have to do is predict Kadita's movements, especially from skill 1, which is easy to guess. If you succeed in hitting Kadita, then all you have to do is finish using the Selena skill-skill combo.

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