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This Hero Can Effectively Stop Fanny Mobile Legends' Agility

You should know that these three heroes are effective in thwarting agility in Fanny Mobile Legends. Who are they? Listen up, guys!

Fanny is mobile She is one of the most dangerous assassins in Legends, with a high level of agility.

This her one Assassin her hero can even kill an opponent in just a few seconds, including if they are in a turret.

However, there are several heroes in Mobile Legends who effectively stop Fanny's agility and her abilities. Who are they?


There are no words of fear for Moskov when confronting Fanny. Moskov can even easily match Fanny with just two skills.

And Fanny herself fears or thinks repeatedly when she wants to attack Moskov. Because her two skills are very deadly for Fanny.


Then there's Saber, who needs good timing to catch Fanny. If Fanny misses Cable or attacks one of her teammates, Saber instantly executes Fanny.

Using combo her skills 1-3 and Saber's basic attack, Fanny can be defeated easily and even killed quickly.


Finally, we have Zilong. No matter how agile Fanny is, she can easily be caught and defeated by her Zilong using her second skill. However, Zilong must use her two skills precisely.

If Zilong's skill 2 successfully hits her Fanny, all that's left is to use skill 1 and basic attacks to finish.

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