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These 3 Heroes are Really Effective for Countering Leomord

Are you still banning Leomord? These three of his heroes are very effective against him. who is the hero?

Leomord is one of the banned heroes that Mobile His Legend players have subscribed to at both low and high ranks. The only reason is because of this hero's terrifying abilities.

Leomord basic attacks now deal incredible damage, and combos with this basic attack make his skills very good.

As a result, the worse Leomord is, the more often he gets banned from players in his ranks. But actually, that is a big mistake. He doesn't need to ban Leomod anymore. The most effective hero he counters he only picks three.


Skill 2 JawHead is the key to success in blocking Leomold's op abilities. 3 Just throw Leo Mode out of the skill area.

Soon after, take him down with a 2-3-1 basic attack JawHead Skill is his combo.


Then there is Akai. Especially for this one hero of his, the level of effectiveness in stopping Leomod is very high. Ultimately, he is the key to success, and Leomord can do nothing.

When Leomord uses 3 skills, Akai can easily cancel the skills and kill him slowly but surely.


Lastly is Martis. Two he can counter Leomod's op abilities with his Martis skill. Especially when Leomord uses his ultimate, Martis can cancel it by using his second skill and moving Leomold outside of his ultimate.

Because it is easy to defeat without Ultimate Leo Mordo. All that's left is for Martis to defeat Leomord with his skill combo.

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