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Recommended Strongest Weapon in Free Fire Season 30

As you know, Free Fire has many sick weapons that you can use in the game. Of course, you should use the right weapon for your play style.

In this article, We discuss Free Fire's strongest weapons available in Season 30. Do you want to know what is the best weapon in Free Fire? Read this article till the end!

Best Free-Fire Weapon

1. AWM

AWM is Free Fire's recommendation for the most powerful weapon available in the game. This sniper-type weapon has very good abilities and can be used to kill enemies from a distance.

With this weapon, you can kill your enemies in one hit. So if you find AWM, just use it in your game and you're good to go.

2. Groza

The Groza is one of Free Fire's assault weapons, with high damage and rate of fire.

Unfortunately, this assault weapon can only be found in air drops or bounty loot, and although it's hard to come by, Groza is still one of the most powerful weapons in Free Fire.


Like the Groza, the M249 is an LMG weapon that can only be obtained via AirDrop. The advantage of this weapon lies in a large amount of ammunition and very painful damage.

With the M249, you can take out many enemies at once very easily. Therefore, obtaining the M249 weapon becomes a priority in the game.

4. Bizon

For those who want to play him as a rusher, Bizon's weapon is perfect.

The Bizon is a go-to SMG weapon with extraordinary abilities in combat.

This weapon is also stable and easy to use, so it is recommended for beginners.


Speaking of Free Fire's strongest weapon, it's not complete without a shotgun weapon. The M1887 is a shotgun weapon capable of killing enemies quickly.

One. This weapon deals devastating damage, especially in close combat. You can even stop your opponent with just 1-2 bullets! These are one of the most powerful weapons in Free Fire Season 30.

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