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Recommended Hero Assassin who can lead the team

As you know, Mobile Legends has entered its 26th season. Many heroes have been adjusted in this new season, including the Assassin hero.

So, in this article, We describe some Assassin Heroes that can still be used to carry your team. Want to know who the hero is? See you soon when this article is finished.

Recommended Hero Assassin who can lead the team

1. Fanny

Fanny is the first Assassin Hero nomination who can still lead the team to victory.

Fanny himself is one of his hero's assassins who is very difficult to catch thanks to his skill in steel his cable.

If you want to use this hero you need to learn some tips on using Fanny first, one thing you should know is that Fanny is one of the hardest heroes to use him.

2. Gusion

Since being revamped, Gusion's performance has become more powerful and deadly. That is why this hero is so often used in games.

However, instead of being used as a jungle, Gusion is now better suited to be used as a mid-lane hero.

Those who don't have the Gusion hero yet can first replenish their Mobile Legends diamonds to get this Assassin hero.

3. Ling

Speaking of Assassin heroes who can lead the team, Ling jumps in as a matter of course.

Ling, like Fanny, is a pretty hard-to-use assassin hero. Powerful macros and micros are required to master this hero.

Also, you must use a first hand when using Ling. If you don't, of course, you can easily defeat Rin.

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