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Recommended 3 Hero Marksman Counter Melissa

Melissa is one of the most powerful marksman heroes in the game right now. Melissa has unique and powerful abilities that make her hard to beat.

So if you're playing against Melissa in the game, she can be overcome by using the following Marksman Her Mobile Her Legendary hero.

Melissa's Hero Counter Recommendations

1. Beatrix

The first hero recommendation you can rely on to counter Melissa is Beatrix. Beatrix is ​​as powerful as Melissa's hero.

As we know, this marksman hero has the unique ability to have her 4 weapons with different effects. Proper Beatrix build

With her support, you can defeat Melissa in one attack.

2. Wanwan

Doggie is our recommendation for the next marksman hero that can be used against Melissa. Ulti One One

If you succeed in releasing her, Melissa will surely go down with one combo. Oh yeah, if you don't already have the doggie hero, you can top up and buy mobile legend diamonds first.

3. Clint

Another Marksman hero recommendation you can rely on to counter Melissa Mobile Legends is Clint.

Clint has a fairly wide attack range thanks to his passive skill, so he can dodge or attack Melissa's attacks. With proper Clint support in her build, this hero can easily beat Melissa.

These are some of the Marksman heroes that can be used against Melissa Mobile Legends.

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