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Recommendations for his Leomord Jungler build for the strongest in Mobile Legends

Leomord is currently one of the strongest fighter heroes who are very reliable to play the role of Jungler. Leomord himself gets a buff, making him one of his deadliest heroes.

Of course, his prowess needs to be supported by the right build items. So, We take this opportunity to discuss the most painful Leomod Jungler build of his available in the game. Want to know the correct build order for this hero? See the next article in a moment.

Recommendations for his Leomod Jungler build for the strongest in Mobile Legends

Pictured above are his recommendations for the best Leomod Jungler builds available in the game. If you don't have the Leomod hero yet, you can top up and buy his Mobile Legends diamonds first.

So below is a description of each item you need to damage Leomold's build in Mobile Legends.

1. Behemoth Hunter Tough Boots

The first item you can purchase to complete his Leomod build with the disease is the Behemoth Hunter's Tough Boots. Jungle His item-blessed movement item is certainly a go-to during the game, especially in the early game.

As you know, the Tough Boots item has the effect of providing additional movement speed and additional magic defense. Apart from that, this item also reduces the effects of Crowd Control on Leomord. With this item, Leomod can become a very powerful Jungler Hero.

2. Hunter Strike

Hunter Strike is the next item you can buy to complete his best Leomod Jungler build in Mobile Legends. This item increases Leo Mode's physical attack power and cooldown reduction.

This item also increases Leomod's physical penetration. Hunter Strike also has a passive ability that increases your Leo Mode movement speed for a period of time after every 5 hits with your basic attack.

3. Malefic Roar

Malefic Lore is the next item you can count on in the game to complete the most powerful Leomold build in Mobile Legends. This item has the ability to increase Leomold's physical penetration.

This item is also good for dealing with thick opponents. Each time you hit an opponent, Malefic Roar has his passive ability that provides additional physical penetration per opponent's physical defense. It's because Then Leomod's attacks become even more powerful and deadly.

4. Blood Last Ax

Bloodlust Ax is the next best item you can use to complete his best Leomod build in Mobile Legends. This item provides Leomod with additional Physical Attack and Spell Vamp effects.

Spell Vamp itself is an effect that restores HP every time Leo Mode casts a skill. That way Leomod will be much stronger in battle and harder to defeat.

5. Blade of Despair

The next item you can purchase to build your Leomord is the Blade of Despair. This attack item is indeed very powerful and suitable for use by Leomord. Because this Blade of Despair item increases his Leomod's Physical Attack.

Apart from that, this item can be combined with Leomold's passive skills. This item also has a passive ability, Leomord takes an additional 25% of his physical attack whenever he hits an opponent with less than 50% of his HP.

6. Immortality

Immortality is a complementary item to complete the sick Leomold build of Mobile Legends. This defensive item has the ability to revive Leomod if successfully eliminated by an opponent.

This gives Leomod a "second chance" to fight back or escape from enemies.

That's our recommendation for building the most severe Leomod jungle in Mobile Legends available in the game.

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