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Mobile Legends Season 26's 5 Greatest Tank Heroes

One of the best roles that plays an important role in Mobile Legends is the tank. Hero tanks usually have very high HP and armor. Therefore, the tank hero must present his body as a shield in order to withstand the damage from the attack of the opposing hero.

A tank hero can not only be a shield for his teammates, but he can also be the team's initiator and commander, deciding when it's appropriate to attack the enemy team and when it's appropriate to withdraw.

Well, in this article, We discuss Mobile Legends' strongest tank he hero available for this season 26. Want to know who the main character is? Read this article to the end now!

Mobile Legends Season 26's 5 Greatest Tank Heroes

1. Atlas

Mobile Legends Season 26's ultimate hero tank is Atlas. Atlas is currently one of the most effective Roamer heroes for Meta due to its great mobility and high durability.

Hero Atlas has many deadly Crowd Control skills, one of which is his ultimate skill of Atlas, which can stun, slow and knock up enemy heroes in seconds. This ability allows Atlas to lock opponent hero moves very easily.

2. Grock

As a tank hero, Grock can deal massive damage to opposing heroes.

In addition to being able to deal massive damage, Grock also has very strong defenses. Allow Glock to play more aggressively during group fights.

If you don't have the Grock Hero, you can top up and buy Mobile Legends Diamonds first.

3. Franco

In addition to the Atlas heroes, Franco is also one of the tank heroes who are currently meta. Franco's Crowd Control ability is quite deadly indeed. Franco can tug or bite enemy heroes and stun them for a few seconds.

Hero Franco has a very fast movement thanks to his passive skill (Wasteland Force) that can increase movement speed. The presence of this skill makes it easier for Franco to pursue opposing heroes.

4. Ruby

The next Mobile Legends Season 26 mighty hero tank is Ruby. Hero Ruby is famous for her extremely high lifesteal ability. This ability makes it harder for the opposing team to defeat Ruby during team fights.

As a tank hero, Ruby also possesses high durability and his control cloud skills which can be a nuisance to the opposing team. Because Ruby's hero can pull all enemy heroes and stun them for 0.5 seconds.

5. Akai

The strongest hero from the last Mobile Legends season 26. His tank is his Akai. Since his skill was refreshed, Akai can take on any role equally well, starting with the roles of Offlaner, Roamer, all the way up to becoming Jungler.

Hero Akai has an ultimate skill called Hurricane Dance, a crowd control skill that is extremely annoying to the opposing team. I can do it.

These are some of the strongest tank he heroes of Mobile Legends season 26 available in the game.

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