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Here 5 Best Items To Compete With A Lesley Mobile Legends 2022

Lesley is one of the Mobile Legends Marksman Heroes, with a camouflage ability that makes enemy heroes difficult. Especially after the improvements from Moonton in yesterday's patch update, Leslie can now deal massive real damage to enemy heroes.

Lesley can also lock on enemy heroes from afar and fire several sniper bullets that deal great damage.Lesley is the most ranged Marksman hero in Mobile Legends and he can be one No wonder.

Well, let's take this opportunity to tell you some of the best items that can easily compete with Leslie. Lesley's counter Want to see a list of her items? Now take a look at the review in the next article.

5 Best Items To Compete With A Lesley Mobile Legends

1. Twilight Armor

The first item to counter Leslie is the Twilight Armor. Twilight armor items are great for tank hero users and fighter heroes. Because Twilight Armor can increase the hero's defense thanks to a large amount of extra HP and physical defense.

Additionally, Twilight Armor has a unique passive called Twilight. Every 2 seconds, on his next attack he can deal additional magic damage equal to 20 + her 5% of the enemy hero's additional HP.

2. Blade armor

The next item to counter Leslie is Blade Armor. The Blade Armor item has basic stats that allow Lesley's attacks to minimize lethal damage. This is because Blade Armor can give the hero additional Physical Defense and also has its own passive called Bladed Armor.

If Leslie hits you using a basic attack, her blade armor can reflect damage from Leslie's attack and slow her hero by 15% for 1 second.

3. Rose Gold Meteor

The next item to counter Leslie is Rose Gold his Meteor. When facing Leslie's heroes, Rose Gold Meteor can provide heroes with an additional physical attack, lifesteal, and magic defense. Of course, Leslie Hero users will take fatal damage from this supreme attack item.

The Rose Gold Meteor item also has a unique passive called Lifeline, which activates when a hero's HP is below 30% of hers, absorbing enemy hero damage and increasing her magic defense for 3 seconds. You can create a shield that allows

4. Antique Cuirass

The next item to counter Leslie is Antique Her Cuirass. Antique Cuirass Her items can provide extra physical defense, HP, and extra HP regen, allowing Leslie to minimize attack damage from very large heroes.

Additionally, the Antique Cuirass item also has a unique passive called his Deter, which activates if the hero is hit by her Lesley skill ability, reducing her physical attack by 8% for 2 seconds, and Can stack 3 times.

5. Natural wind

The final item against Lesley is the Wind of Nature. You can rely on this attack item to withstand all basic attacks from Leslie's lethal attacks. That's because Wind of Nature has a unique passive called Win Chant that makes her immune to all physical damage from Leslie's heroes for 2 seconds.

In addition to having a great unique passive, Wind of Nature can also give heroes additional physical lifesteal, physical attack, and increased attack speed.

These are some of the best items you can use to counter Leslie's heroes in her Legends of Mobile gameplay.

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