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Detailed Explanation of Joy Mobile Legends' New Hero Skills

Mobile Legends has released a bunch of cool new updates that you can play right now. Whether you're looking for how to play with Hero Joy Mobile Legends, it will be very interesting to know.

Apart from that, the advanced development present in the Mobile Legends game does not miss the events as an addition. The events that appear in this game are certainly new and cool, making the missions very difficult to complete. please remember.

Even with the existence of the Mobile Legends x Kungfu Panda collaboration, what we now know is very interesting. The most important part of this update is the rare skins that appear in this work.

With the arrival of another new hero in Mobile Legends, Joy, of course, playing this hero is very easy. We will discuss this in the next article.

How to play with Hero Joy Mobile Legends

The new Hero Joy deals maximum damage when properly used with her passive. This passive against non-minion enemies he can trigger every 3.5 seconds, allowing him to pause between skill executions without continuously spamming them. Details on Joy's Hero Skills are below.

Passive – Hung, Joy's Fury!

Joy gains additional movement speed and damage reduction whenever her skills deal damage to non-minion enemies. This effect can be triggered by him once every 3.5 seconds against the same enemy.

Skill 1 – Look, Leonin Crystal!

Joy summons a leonine crystal at a designated location, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. Leonin Crystals can be used as a stepping stone for Skill 2 His Joy.

Skill 2 – Meow, Rhythm of Joy!

Joy dashes towards her target, dealing magic damage to enemies in her path. Hitting an enemy will cause Joy to enter Beat Her Time!, during which she is immune to control effects and can cast this skill again. Casting Skill 2 on tap increases skill damage

Ultimate – Ha, electrifying beat!

The ultimate open when Joy casts Skill 2 for the 5th time in a row. Joy removes all control effects, greatly increases her movement speed, and deals her 8 damage over her 4 seconds to nearby enemies. Ultimate Her damage increases each time you cast Skill 2 on tap.

So if you want to do maximum damage to Joy's hero, you can take advantage of his passive to do maximum damage over about 3.5 seconds.

This is the explanation of how to play the new hero Joy. You can try these tips to play Hero Joy.

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