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Build Zilong Paniful Mobile Legends 2022, EZ SAVAGE

Zilong is one of the strongest fighter heroes in Mobile Legends, with a very high attack speed and the ability to deal massive damage and easily defeat opposing heroes. Even Zilong can destroy an opponent's turret very quickly.

A warrior hero, Shiryu also possesses a high mobility skill, the ultimate skill called Supreme Warrior. No wonder Zilong is mobile his legend fastest split his push his hero he can be one.

Now, we would like to take this opportunity to tell you about the composition of the most severe He Zilong build in Mobile Legends Season 26. Curious about your build placement? Go ahead and take a look at the review in the next article.

Build a Zilong Painful Mobile Legend

Above is his Zilong build recommendations for the worst that can be used to make Zilong's attacks even more deadly. Oh yeah, if you don't have Zilong's hero yet, you can buy it first at [Top-Up Diamond Mobile Legend](( ).

1. Swift boots

A great item to fill out Build Zilong's initial lineup is Swift Boots.The Swift Boots item has a base stat that can increase Zilong's movement speed. Allow Shiryu to run faster during matches.

The Swift Boots item can also increase attack speed. This allows Zilong to launch many attacks in a very fast time.

2. Wind Talker

The best item for the next baby dragon hero is the windtalker. This attack item has base stats and can give Zilong an additional critical hit, increasing his chance, attack speed, and movement speed.

The Windtalker item has a unique passive called Typhoon that deals extra magic damage to his 3 closest enemy heroes and can increase movement speed for a short time.

3. Scarlet Phantom

The next best item for the baby dragon hero is Scarlet his Phantom. The scarlet phantom item is great for Zilong who relies on attack speed attacks. Because this attack item can give Zilong extra attack speed, critical chance, and extra physical attack.

The Scarlet Phantom item also has a unique passive called Frenzy that grants Jiron additional attack speed and critical chance for 2 seconds. Like Zilong can deal lethal damage every second.

4. Berserker's Fury

The perfect item for Zilong's next hero is his Berserker's Fury. This attack item can make Zilong's attacks even more deadly. Berserker's Fury has a unique passive called Doom that can increase his physical attack for 2 seconds and add to Zilong's hero's critical damage.

Berserker's Fury item, in addition to having a good unique passive, can also provide additional critical chance and physical damage, making Geelong's attacks even more deadly when facing opposing teams. can do.

5. Malefic Roar

The best item for the next Ziron hero is Malefic his lore. Malefic Lore items have a unique passive called Armor His Buster that can penetrate enemy heroes' defenses, especially for tank-his heroes with high defense.

In addition to being able to penetrate enemy hero defenses, Malefic Lore can also facilitate Jiron to destroy the enemy team's turrets very quickly.

6. Blade of Despair

The final item to complete the Zilong Build array is the Blade of Despair. This one attack item can give Zilong additional movement speed and physical attack.Blade of Despair can make his Zilong attacks even more deadly when facing the opposing team .

Additionally, the Blade of Despair item has a unique passive called his Despair that allows Zilong to provide an opposing hero with additional his Physical Attack if he hits an opposing hero with less than 50% of his HP. There is also

Well, that's the most painful Build Zilong placement you can use to maximize Zilong's powerful abilities. May be useful! Oh yeah, if you want to replenish mobile legend diamonds, you can replenish mobile legend diamonds directly at UPOINT.ID.

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