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5 Best Mid Laner Hero in Mobile Legends 2022

The mid laner protects the mid lane area and helps teammates in rotation. Not just any hero can be used to fill the mid laner position.

So, in this article, We give recommendations for the best Midlaner heroes of Mobile Legends Season 26 that can be used in the game. Check out the article below until it's gone!

Best mid laner hero in Mobile Legends

1. Gusion

Our top recommendation for Midlaner in his Mobile Legends for season 26 is Gusion. This hero his assassin has since been improved to make him one of the top picks in the high end tier.

Although not a jungler, Gusion is used to fill the role of mid laner. His high burst damage ability in the early game and ability to rotate quickly is one of the reasons why Gusion is currently used as a mid laner.

2. Pharsa

Pharsa is his Midlaner hero featured next in Season 26 of Mobile Legends. This hero mage gains buffs that are picked periodically in ranked mode.

Falsa specializes in the Feather Air Strike skill, which allows her to reach a wide area. The damage this hero produces is also very high and deadly.

If you don't have Fartha Her Hero yet, you can replenish and buy Mobile Her Legend Her Diamonds.

3. Kagura

Kagura has always been a mainstay filling the mid laner position. proper kagura build

With his support, this hero can defeat all opponents very easily.

4. Valentina

The next recommended mid-laner hero is Valentina. With the ability to copy the opponent's ultimate, this hero is of course very reliable to fill the mid laner position.

It is more durable than That said, before you can use Valentina in Ranked Mode, you should first familiarize yourself with her usage tips.

5. Julian

Besides being a reliable jungler hero, Julian can actually be trusted to fill the mid laner position. proper julian build

With her support, this hero becomes very powerful in the game. These are some of her Midlaner heroes, the strongest you can trust in-game in Mobile Legends Season 26.

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