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List of successful games in 2021 that are still fun to play in 2022

Closing 2021, various successful game titles will continue and can be enjoyed in 2022. Developers and publishers are racing to maintain the viability of these successful games and racking their brains to add the latest updates.

Several gacha games as well as RPGs leave a deep impression among their fans and the expectation of the longevity of the games they play can be seen as a challenge for game developers and publishers.

So, what are some successful games in 2021 that are still fun to play in 2022? 

1. Pokemon Unite

Pokémon UNITE will join the Pokémon World Championships in 2022! Starting this year, UNITE Pokémon teams from around the world will have the opportunity to battle it out in competitive seasons, with eligible teams going head-to-head at the World Championships in August. 

In parallel with the UNITE Pokémon Championship series, new tournament modes are constantly being developed designed to level the playing field for competitors, regardless of the value of the item they hold. Stay tuned, as we will soon have more details on what Trainers can expect when this new mode launches.

Pokémon UNITE will soon support additional languages. Earlier this year, Pokémon UNITE will be updated to support Indonesian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Hindi, Russian, Thai and Turkish. It is hoped that Pokémon Unite will be able to invite more Trainers into the world of Pokémon UNITE through this update and through ongoing work to support more languages.

According to the last update, 3 new Pokémon were added, namely Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite. This addition will certainly add to the excitement of playing Pokémon with this MOBA genre.

2. Nier: Reincarnation

Nier: Reincarnation takes place in the NieR universe, but its relationship to the previous titles NieR Replicant and NieR Automata is largely described as being interconnected, rather than being a sequel or prequel to the two titles above. Another NieR game details a universe where humanity has succumbed to a mysterious disease, and artificial humans such as robots rise to take their place in a melancholic afterlife.

New NieR games are being developed with a similar mindset to their console cousins, and equal quality goals despite smaller gaming teams and budgets. Not only that, Matsukawa promised that his development team would take advantage of the mobile atmosphere to provide frequent updates to Reincarnation. All this is to provide some of the Western players who are expected to play this game with a valuable experience.

3. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a free action RPG developed and published by game studio, miHoYo. Although the game is released for free, it has a gacha system where players can pay to get random characters and other in-game resources. Despite the occasional controversy, the gacha system has made a lot of money. By the time it launched in March 2021, six months after Genshin Impact was released, the game had already amassed $1 billion in revenue.

It looks like the free-to-play titles aren't stopping anytime soon either. A chart estimating the growth of Genshin Impact's player base was posted on Reddit. In it, it can be clearly seen that the monthly average number of players has been steadily increasing since its launch. As it stands, estimates show that Genshin Impact has around 50 million users on average an impressive number for a new free-to-play title.

Nonetheless, these charts are still estimates and should be treated as such. The chart posted by Lumines PlayThing on Reddit outlines the forecast by saying they run several statistics websites where they enter information about titles through extensive research. They have created an algorithm that uses the values ​​available in the market to make data forecasts.

If the data presented on the chart is mostly correct, this is a pretty good achievement for Genshin Impact. It makes sense given the sheer amount and frequent drop in content the title had over the first year as well as the overall positive critical reception. Genshin Impact recently teased more content to drop which is sure to keep existing fans satisfied and potentially bring in new ones. It's not too surprising that Genshin Impact's popularity and player base has increased, however, as the free-to-play title has proven record-breaking with its sales.

4. Fantasy

Fantasy , Apple Arcade's exclusive JRPG sees Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi return to the genre he helped cement global awareness. With a strictly traditional narrative, turn-based combat using the advantages of touchscreen controls, and music from Nobuo Uematsu, it seems adapted to take advantage of nostalgia.

Sakaguchi, an avid miniature, creates a Fantasy world through meticulous dioramas. They are intricately textured and evocative, with a real physique that remains a struggle to emulate in the multi-million-budget triple-A title.

One of the circumstances of using a diorama is when the in-game camera pans and zooms to reveal the vastness of the Fantasy landscape, which will inevitably reveal blurry edges and physical limitations working with scale models, exposed by refresh rates, Super Retina displays, and CSS pixels.

5. Sky: Children of the Light

Similar to Journey, there is no lifebar, no experience gauge, and no combat in this game. Instead, you have the energy for your easily refillable Winged cloak, limited Candle stock, and a menu of moves/emotes/spells. Sky doesn't ask for more from you than to go to its seven realms and find lost and fallen stars and return them to their constellations. This very simple premise is oddly addictive and spends hours in the beautiful world of Sky regardless of the real thing. In these difficult times, that's what some of us need.

The social features in this game are an important part. If you've ever played Journey, the idea is similar. You can meet other people in the world and pair up if you want.

More than all of this, what sets Sky: Children of the Light apart from other games on the Play Store , without a doubt, is its art style. It's really amazing. Awestruck me in its opening moments as I soared through the clouds. Even many AAA games don't leave a strong impression. It's better if you experience it yourself.

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