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Latest Revamp Skills of Hero Hanabi in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest updates that are very exciting for you to try. Then there is the explanation of the Latest Revamp Skill of Hero Hanabi in Mobile Legends, of course, it will be very interesting for us to see this time.

Especially for events that have appeared in the Mobile Legends game, you will receive lots of prizes from here. Is a good choice for you to find these missions, so you can directly use them in the game without having to be confused by this.

Understanding some of the current Mobile Legends Hero Role Types makes you curious and you can just try playing them right away. Great strength in battle and team, so that later we can win the match easily, especially using Marksman Moskov who is very strong.

This time with an explanation of the latest revamp skill from the Hanabi hero, you can find out. Of course, it is interesting for us to discuss this time, consider the following.

Latest Revamp Skills of Hero Hanabi in Mobile Legends

This time on the Advance server Mobile Legends, Hanabi gets the latest revamp changes from the skills she has. This is of course also related to the Hanabi hero who is no longer in the current meta so he must get a change. Here we will explain the latest revamp skills from Hero Hanabi:


For the passive skill from Hanabi, this time it is changed, Now passive from Hanabi every time he has a basic attack will get a bouncing effect that reaches 4 heroes around him.

Skill 1

For skill 1 from Hanabi this time it is exchanged for the passive possessed by Hanabi on the Original Server. Where for skill 1 he will get a buff of 300 + 100 Physical Attack Shield for 3 seconds and is immune to CC and he also gets additional movement speed.

Skill 2

Not much different from the Original Server for skill 2 this time, it's only different from the reflection effect and only gives a slow effect. For the effect of skill 2, whether it's a bug or indeed the effect of using the skill which will give a large burst of damage to one enemy without any reflection.


The ultimate is also not much different from the original server which will give AoE and stun effects of course if it is hit by an opponent. But it can be seen here that the damage given is smaller so it can be seen that the Ultimate is nerfed.

That's an explanation of the latest revamp skill from Hanabi's hero this time in Mobile Legends.

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