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Joy Becomes the Third Hero of the Leonin Race After Nana and Harith

After releasing Fredrin's hero in August 2022, Moonton will release another new hero named Joy. Joy, a new hero with the role of an assassin, is confirmed to be present in November on the original server Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

On October 21, 2022, Moonton revealed his latest hero named Joy through an upload to his official social media account. Your new hero is a cat-like creature full of energy and enthusiasm.

Known as the Miracle Child, Joy became his third hero of the Leonin tribe after Nana and Harris. Where the three heroes have the same feature - ears resembling cats.

Already introduced in Advanced Server Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Hero Joy is sure to be a hero with the role of an assassin. Actually, this hero also has unique skills, and the level of gameplay is quite difficult. Here are the details of Joy's hero skills:

skill hero joy

  • Skill Pacif: Huh, Joy got mad!

If Joy's skill hits an enemy, Joy gains 100% of his movement speed and 16% of his damage reduction every 4 seconds.

  • Skill 1: Look at the Leonin Crystal!

Joy generates leonin his crystals on his attack target, dealing magic damage to surrounding enemies.

  • Skill 2: Meow, Rhythm of Joy!

Joy dashes in the desired direction, dealing magic damage to enemies. If he hits an enemy, this skill he can reuse for 1 second. Otherwise, the skill will return to cooldown.

  • Ultimate: Ha, electrifying beat!

Ultimate can only be used if he dashes 5 times with skill 2 Joy. This skill removes Joy from all his Crowd Control effects, releases a large amount of energy, and provides additional movement speed and immunity to his Slow effects for 4 seconds.

This ultimate his skill deals 8 times his magic damage to enemies for the duration. However, enemy units famous for this skill take 60% of his damage reduction.

Hero His Joy release date and price

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang developer and publisher Moonton himself has revealed the official release date for this new hero His Assassin. Hero joy is confirmed to release on November 18, 2022 on his original Mobile Legends server, Bang Bang.

Looking at the normal prices of other heroes, Joy itself costs 32,000 Battle Points, or 599 Diamonds in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game's shop.

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