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Event 11.11 Mobile Legends 2022 Free Skin

The 11.11 Mobile Legends 2022 event is only a month away. Yep, this event is one of the events that players have been waiting for at the end of 2022. How not, according to leaks circulating, this event will bring prizes in the form of free skins for players.

Of course, this event will be very beneficial for those of you who like free events. Therefore, you are required to participate in this event in order to get free skins from Moonton.

On this occasion, we will discuss the complete leak of the 11.11 Mobile Legends event for this year. Curious how the full leak.

Event 11.11 Mobile Legends 2022

Just like in previous events that presented exclusive Mobile Legends skins, in this event you will still do gacha or draw using tickets. Well, later there will also be free tickets that can be obtained by players, you know. From here you can get free skins.

Event 11.11 Mobile Legends 2022 1

There are various quests that you can complete to get this free ticket. Starting from the login mission, and sharing events, until there are several other missions. Interestingly, you can get a free Elite skin when you have drawn 3x in this Double 11 Lottery event.

In addition, you will also get 1 Special or Epic skin when you make the first 10 draws. With the various advantages provided, it will be very detrimental if you do not participate in this event if it is released later.

So when will this event be released? This event itself will be released on November 11, 2022. Since there is still one more month before this event releases, you can save up so that you can top up as many Diamonds as possible. So the chance to get the main prize, namely the Gusion skin, becomes bigger.

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