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4 Tips for Win Streak in Mobile Legends

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Win Streak is a situation where you play a game and get consecutive wins for several games . However, getting Win Streak is certainly not easy because it has many internal and external factors.

Tips for Win Streak in Mobile Legends (ML)

Playing Mobile Legends, whether solo ranked or with friends actually has the same level of difficulty, depending on who you play the game with. If you play solo ranked, you are most likely to get players who are not as you wish.

However, it turns out that you can still control this by using these methods so you can get an easy win streak.

1. Pay attention to the hours of play

Paying attention to playing hours in Mobile Legends is important because ML players are scattered in all circles. You have to know roughly when the kids are playing, or the teens or the adults. Of course the ability to play does not depend on age, but sometimes this is quite influential. Well, usually children tend to be easily defeated. Therefore, it's a good idea for you to push rank in the hours when many children are playing.

2. Mastering Hero and Build Items

Understanding and mastering the hero used is certainly very helpful for the game well. You have to when to use skills and when to attack the enemy. Each hero has strengths and weaknesses. If the enemy uses a hero who can counter your hero, you have to replace another hero with another hero. If possible, use a hero who can counter enemy heroes.

In addition, you must know the list of mobile legends items and understand all the attributes and effects that each item has.

3. Have a Fast Connection and Good Device

The thing that is no less important and most important is the connection signal from the device you are using. You can even beat a pro player if their signal is bad. A good device also supports games because if you play on a cellphone that often lags, of course it will be difficult for you and your teammates.

4. Have Hero Skins

Having skin will really help the game even though the effect is not very visible. Well, for those of you who don't have a skin yet, it's very mandatory to be able to buy skins and ML Top Ups so that you can get Win Streak easily.

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