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Tips to Get Astral Card Mobile Legends Tokens

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest updates which are very cool for all of you to try to play. Moreover, for the presence of How to Get Astral Card Mobile Legends (ML) Tokens, you can immediately get the new prize. So that you will definitely use a method like this, it really helps to do it too.

Then some events appeared in the Mobile Legends game, so you can also use all of them immediately. Because there are still some new prizes that appear now, it can be something very exciting. Because indeed some of these opportunities, so we are excited to play it.

Especially the emergence of a Mobile Legends x Saint Seiya Collaboration, being something good and you can play. So those of us who have tried it ourselves, it must feel very exciting, for you to be even more excited to play it too.

Especially for How to Get Mobile Legends (ML) Astral Card Tokens, you have to collect these tokens every day. Because we use these tokens to draw so that we can immediately get other tokens in new events now.

How to Get Astral Card Mobile Legends Tokens

Login Game Mobile Legends

You will have to log in to the Mobile Legends game first, so you can get the Astral Card Token that has appeared now. Appears on September 20 – October 9, 2022, which will come.

Buka Event Project Next Express

Immediately we check directly by Opening the Next Express Project Event that has appeared, so you can use it. Of course, this way the players will soon find some Event Cards that we can access.

Choose Harley Magic Show and See the Mission

Then you can directly select the Harley Magic Show section, then directly check the mission. So later you can see the main mission to get the Astral Card Token prize which is currently available.

Complete Every Day

The Astral Card Tokens that you have to collect are indeed easy, the missions can also be used easily. Anyway, the player must be able to complete it Every Day, then later you can immediately get more prizes.

Use In Harley Magic Show Draw

Then use the Astral Card Token directly on this existing Harley Magic Show. Only then will you be able to immediately get this new gift, so that we will smoothly receive gifts and other tokens at the event.

The events that appear in the Mobile Legends game are very easy, so we can just complete the mission. It turns out that from there the Astral Card Token itself is very useful, you will use it to get new prizes from here.

Along with the appearance of Patch Note 1.70.20 Mobile Legends, it will definitely be something great. Changes from meta heroes that become diverse, so that those of you who play in Rank Mode later will feel more and more diverse strengths.

After knowing How to Get Mobile Legends (ML) Astral Card Tokens, you won't be confused by this. Because indeed with the Astral Card Token, we can immediately use it in an Event to get prizes that are classified as cool like this.

Then there is a Type of Hero Role in Mobile Legends that you have to play, so that later the match with the Team will be more Exciting. It will be fun to play it too, without any difficulty at all to face the enemy.

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