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Tips for Fast Hand Exercise in Mobile Legends

As a Mobile Legends player, you must be familiar with the term "Fast Hand", right? Fast Hand is a term for players who are able to use their fingers as fast as lightning, whether when using agile heroes like Fanny or just to buy and sell items quickly.

Of course, it's not easy to be a Fast Hand in Mobile Legends. It takes skill and proper practice so you can become a Fast Hand. 

Well, on this occasion, we want to tell you some tips for Fast Hand training in Mobile Legends that you can apply to get better.

Tips for Fast Hand Exercise in Mobile Legends

1. Master the Micro Hero First

If you learn to be Fast Hand when using a hero, then you need to master the micro hero first.

For example, if you want to use Lancelot's hero, you must first know the skills Lancelot has, how to use Lancelot, what skill combinations are suitable, and how much hero Power from Lancelot itself.

To train Micro skills, don't immediately play in Ranked mode, it's a good idea to train them in Training mode using bots. Practice slowly, don't be too hasty.

Continue to do repetitive movements in order to increase the muscle memory you have.

2. Improve Muscle Memory

For those of you who don't know what muscle memory is, muscle memory is the memory of the body's muscles for activities that have been done.

This muscle memory refers to the fast hand movements that are present as a result of repeated movements or slow repetitions that you do.

As time goes on and the repetitive movements you do, over time your Muscle Memory will increase and wake up.

Your fingers can remember how the position and movement of the fingers must be done to issue certain skills.

Even if you have mastered the highest fast hands, you can do a series of great reflexes.

3. Use Additional Accessories

To practice fast hand skills when playing Mobile Legends, you can also use additional accessories such as thumb gloves or use powder.

A little information, powder and thumb gloves can absorb sweat while playing and can make your cellphone screen more slippery.

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