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Recommended Hero Mage for Counter Aamon Jungler Mobile Legends

Aamon is one of the Assassin heroes who is currently 'hype' or on the rise for being one of the strongest Jungler heroes in Mobile Legends. In fact, many players use this hero to bring them to the highest rank, namely Mythical Glory.

It's quite difficult to deal with Aamon because he has a skill that allows him to camouflage and cannot be attacked. Even so, that doesn't mean Aamon can't be defeated.

Well, to counter Aamon Jungler, then you can use the recommendations of some of the strongest Mage heroes that we will summarize in this article.

Recommended Hero Mage for Counter Aamon Mobile Legends

1. Eudora

The recommendation for the strongest Mage hero that you can rely on to counter Aamon Mobile Legends is Eudora. One thing you should know, Aamon himself is very vulnerable to the effects of Crowd Control.

While Eudora is one of the Mage heroes with quite good Crowd Control abilities in the game. With Eudora present, Aamon would think twice before entering the battle.

2. Nana

Talking about the hero counter Aamon Mobile Legends, it's incomplete if you don't include Nana in it.

Nana has a skill that can give Crowd Control effects to her opponents. Moreover, Nana also has a passive skill that makes it difficult for Aamon to beat in one combo.

Especially if you use the strongest Nana build in Mobile Legends, then Aamon can be easily defeated in one combo.

3. Lunox

As we know, Aamon relies heavily on his Endless Shards skill to finish off his opponents.

Well, this skill can be easily avoided by Lunox by using his ultimate Brilliance skill.

That way, the damage from Aamon's skill will not go to Lunox, and Lunox can also counterattack with its Burst Damage.

Those are some Mage heroes that you can rely on for Count Aamon Mobile Legends. 

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