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New Genshin Impact Redeem Code, Prizes 60 Primogems

HoYoverse has released the major update Genshin Impact Version 3.0 yesterday. In this content, gamers will get new adventures consisting of new locations, new lore or stories, and of course new characters.


The good news is that the redeem code has been circulating, aka the redeem code, in which there are 60 Primogems as prizes. 

This will really help Genshin Impact gamers to be able to exchange them for Acquaint Fate and Intertwined Fate.


These two in-game items are mandatory to be able to participate in the banner wish aka gacha feature and get the latest characters. The following is the latest Genshin Impact redeem code that can be used:

  •  6A6VJTWGCPYV with prizes of 60 Primogem and 5 Adventure's Experiences


The rule to remember is that every Genshin Impact redeem code has a valid duration or can expire. Not only that, the redeem code also has an exchange quota limit, the faster it is exchanged, the greater the chance of getting prizes in it.


How to redeem the Genshin Impact redeem code?

1. Gamers can access the official Genshin Impact website here or type in the browser. 

2. Enter the server used by gamers and the name of the character in Genshin Impact then the redeem code. 

3. Click the Redeem button, if successful, there will be an incoming email in the game.


The Genshin Impact Version 3.0 update brings a lot of new content that promises to be fun for fans. 


The first is the Sumeru area which is on the west side of Liyue. Sumeru comes with two backgrounds, namely the tropical rain forest and the desert. Here there are two residential centers that can be visited, namely Sumeru City and Port Ormos. 


Sumeru has a long history of being the location of an institution called Akademiya which was founded by scientists loyal to Archon Dendro, namely The Greater Lord Rukkhadevata.


Here will be presented a number of new quests related to Archon Dendro and other missions specifically to welcome the latest update.


Of course, on this occasion, two new characters were introduced that brought Dendro elements, namely Tighnari, a five-star character, and Collei, a four-star character group. 


One more character that will be brought is Dori which is a new character of the Electro element type. At the Wishes event, all three can be obtained with other characters, namely Zhongli and Ganyu and Sangonomiya Kokomi.

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