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List of Latest Sports Games for Android

All the time there are new Android games with a large selection of themes. Like this week's treasury of the best new Android games with sports themes.

From this list, there is a selection of racing games, golf games, and basketball management games. But the other two game choices have nothing to do with sports.

It includes a puzzle arcade game inspired by the Brothers, which requires the player to play cooperatively with himself.

Players must be able to escape from giant snails that are hungry and looking for prey. The other game is a text adventure game that offers a San Francisco dystopia setting. Here's a complete list of the latest sports-themed Android games:

Boom Karts

This fun kart racing game made by Fingersoft who is also the maker of the Hill Climb Racing game is really addictive.

It can be said that Boom Karts is a new rival of the game genre dominated by Mario Kart Tour and KartRider Rush +. In this game, the player will drive a kart car with a cute appearance but has fairly simple control.

Just drive right or left if you want to turn, or hold your finger in the right or left direction long enough so that the car can be invited to drift. Once drifting, the vehicle will immediately speed forward.

Players can also get various boosters and power-ups along the way where the function is to increase the speed of the car or attack enemy vehicles.

There are various types of cars that can be unlocked and also upgrade car parts such as engines, tires, coolers, and much more.

Valley of Savage Run

This ingenious arcade puzzle game has players assume the role of two sketchy-looking insect characters. One can only stand on white tiles while the other can only stand on black tiles.

The two work as a team. White characters can jump only on white tiles while black characters can only jump on black tiles.

Sometimes one character must carry the other character on his back because there is no suitable tile available. At other times, one of the characters must unblock the other tiles, so that both of them can move forward.

With these limits, players must be able to avoid being attacked by hungry slugs that are ready to eat!

Knights of San Francisco

Game with the concept of text adventure (adventure text) is popular again in the smartphone era, Knights of San Francisco is a very interesting latest complement.

So in this game, the player has to explore the fire remains of the city of San Francisco at some point in the distant future. Players also have to face and defeat goblins, ogres, and dragons armed with words.

BasCATball Coach

BasCATball Coach is a basketball training game where all the players are not humans but a herd of cats. Even so, all team members were given unique names such as New York, Portland, and Detroit (because cats like to eat fish).

This game set up 30 teams with 450 players who need a lot of time to train all of them.

Golf Impact World Tour

Golf seems to be the most versatile type of sport and it forms the basis of a wide variety of puzzle and casual games. The Golf Impact World Tour game is indeed just a game about golf but is capable of displaying quite beautiful graphics.

There is also an arcade concept, PvP matchmaking, various exotic locations to play in, and of course much more.

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