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Interesting Mobile Game Recommendations This Month In 2022

Entering the first week of September, there are many interesting mobile games. Well, today I will recommend a mobile game that is worth playing this week. Regardless of the genre and gameplay, it again depends on the preferences of each gamer.

Here are 5 lists of mobile games that are worth playing in the first week of September 2022.

1. ​Lost Light

Lost Light is a survival game and the story of the game takes place in the year 2040 after the apocalypse. The spread of pheromones has sent the world into chaos. In order for mankind's civilization to remain intact, people had to take refuge in underground shelters. And that was the beginning of Firefly's plan. Players will become members of the Firefly unit. Survive the chaotic siege zone.

Download Size: 1.2 GB

2. Legends of Chronos

of Legends of Chronos, a new city-building mobile game with cute anime-style graphics and spectacular effects. A unique blend of Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) elements and anime-style characters that can be collected through the spin system. Here the player will be tasked with regaining control and strengthening the army. Make alliances with other players, and win the war against rebels and monsters.

Download Size: 999 MB

3. Wild Arena Survivors

Wild Arena Survivors is a Survival Shooting mobile game that lets GanSist experience survival on a deserted island with 40 players. Start by choosing your favorite character, parachuting, farming items (weapons, armor, ammo, potions), dodge, escape, hide, explore the island and killing other players.

Download Size: 721 MB

4. Idol Planet

Idol Planet is a simulation mobile game where players take on the role of producers who train their trainees to produce quality idols releasing music albums and officially debuting without any problems so that children who will become good idols in the future can shine to the fullest. The tasks of the players will include training the trainees, allocating them to teams, recruiting new trainees, managing the company, etc., to get the best results.

Download Size: 750 MB

5. The Walking Dead: All-Stars

The Walking Dead: All-Stars is a turn-based RPG mobile game based on the original comic The Walking Dead. All TWD characters are in this game, that's why the name of the game is All Stars! This game adapts the graphics to suit the style of turn-based RPG games. For anyone who is a fan of WTD, not to be missed!!!

Download Size: 505 MB

Recommended 5 Interesting Mobile Games in the First Week of September 2022

Those are 5 interesting mobile games to play in the first week of September 2022. Which one do you think you want to play? 

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