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How to Get Free Balmain Skin Pokemon Unit

Balmain recently officially collaborated with Pokemon in launching a number of the latest fashion items carrying the Pokemon theme in the Pokemon Unite game. This collaboration with Balmain is not only in the game but also in the real world.

As a result of this collaboration, Pokemon players will be given a free Balmain fashion trainer set. The fashion items include a neat-style jacket with Pokemon Unite accents on the outside. 

The jacket was then combined with slim trousers but had an oversized waistline. The design of the set will even result in the game character wearing it looking like a punk kid.

Players can decorate the character they play with the Balmain Fashion Set Trainer skin. In addition, when players purchase one of the Balmain x Pokemon patches, they will get a special code that can be used to access the free Balmain trainer mode set item. Players simply enter the Gift Exchange menu to complete it.

The collaboration between the two also includes the presence of 15 Balmain x Pokemon NFC-featured badges that can be used to buy at various Balmain outlets in Europe, America, and Asia. The badge is useful for accessing a lot of digital content and prizes, including VIP tickets to the Balmain Festival in Paris Fashion Week. 

Balmain himself made the badge as a form of collaboration with SharpEnd which is one of the bona fide companies in the technology field.

Pokémon players can access the free Balmain trainer outfit sets by logging into the game in seven days from 07:00 UTC September 2, 2022, and September 30, 2022 at 23:59 UTC. Don't miss out on getting it. The appearance of the Pokemon characters being played will be even more impressive with this latest skin from Balmain.

Players with Android phones must at least have 1.2 GB of free memory in order to run this one game. The download procedure is divided into two: the first 547 MB ​​by downloading it from the Google Play Store and then the 600 MB downloaded when starting the game.

Pokemon Unite is a game with a 5 vs 5 MOBA concept, almost the same as the Arena of Valor (AOV) or Mobile Legends game. The difference is, that Pokemon Unite presents the appearance of an elongated arena stretching to the side instead of a vertical format. 

Then the base position of each team is different. The location of player's team base is placed on the left side, while the enemy team's base is located on the right of the arena.

Pokemon Unite presents a variety of characters taken from the very famous Pokemon cartoon movie.

There are many kinds of Pokemon from different regions such as Charizard, Venusaur, and Pikachu in the Johto region. Then there is also Bewear from the Alola region.

Until now, 19 types of Pokemon characters that can be played have been provided. The latest characters are also available, namely Sylveon and Mamoswine. Next, the developer will certainly create some new characters to add to the excitement of the game.

As the game progresses, players can earn points in order to advance to a higher level which then evolves. When the Pokemon character being played evolves or increases to a higher level, the player automatically gets new skills that have different features and skills. 

This skill can be used to fight with the enemy team to seize the points that have been collected.

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