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How to Claim the Tower of Fantasy Redeem Code

Tower of Fantasy is a serious competitor for Genshin Impact. Although not available on consoles, this game is available on PC and mobile platforms, and even its presence in Indonesia was celebrated through a lively offline event.


Tower of Fantasy offers gameplay that is admittedly similar to Genshin Impact, which is an action RPG in an open-world arena. 

The MMORPG genre is also presented here. However, in terms of the theme and concept of the story, it is quite different.


If Genshin Impact carries the theme of kingdom and magic, the Hotta Studio team and Level Infinite actually designed the Fantasy of Tower theme with a sci-fi touch. 

That's why this game still dares to appear even though it is accused of following the popularity of Genshin Impact.

The good news is that Tower of Fantasy will also be diligent in distributing redeem codes, aka redeem codes, which contain free gifts to claim. 

The prize is of course in the form of in-game items including those used for the gacha feature so that you can get weapons and characters with a high rarity level.


How do I claim the Tower of Fantasy redeem code?

1. In the Tower of Fantasy game, select the Rewards icon on the top right, in the menu that appears continue by selecting Rewards then find and select the Exchange menu.


2. On the Exchange page, players are given a column to enter the Tower of Fantasy redeem code. If the redeem code is successfully claimed, the message "Redemption Successful!" appears.


3. Now the prize can be taken, select the Friends menu while playing and enter the Mailbox menu.


If the Tower of Fantasy redeem code fails to claim, the player will find two types of messages. First, the message “Invalid Gift Code” indicates that the redeem code has expired, is incorrect, or has expired.


The second message is "Gift Code Redemption Limit Exceeded" meaning that the redeem code has reached the maximum claim limit. Previously, Tower of Fantasy distributed 100 redeem codes but with a claim limit of three times.

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